E Da Boss & Danny Holloway: 45 en 33 Mix


At FMF, we like to highlight stuff that no one else is covering. We like to fly under the radar and hit you with some stuff that gives you that “Oh Shit!” moment. Today we have a special treat, that will hopefully spark that moment once again. Two former Big Ups alums, great selectors in their own rights as solo artists, have joined together to put together a unique mix. Danny Holloway and E da Boss have just released an all 45 mix with a twist. 45 en 33, a 30+ minute mix in two parts, has these two record slingers putting together dope 45s on 33 RPM. Many a producer has flipped a great sample this same way, but I don’t know who has done a mix in its entirety using this method. The two DJs met at Short Stop Bar in LA, and soon discovered they were separately experimenting with playing 7″ records at 33. A new collaboration and mix was born. Now you might be confused as to why they would want to do it, but trust us, it works. Chock full of the two working doubles, drum breaks galore, and a great selection give this quality mix a boost higher. You know a lot of these tunes, but they sound different, smoother put on 33. With this 45 craze getting even crazier, stupid high bidding wars on ebay for Rap 45s and the like, today, everyone is on the 45 band wagon. While that 45 of Nas at $255 might have been a clear case of my balls are bigger than yours (and my wallet is too), you can get the idea that the 45 game can be a bit out of control at times. It’s good to see two veterans of the scene dropping something interesting. From Electro to Golden Age Hip Hop to break beat covers to Reggae, there are some interesting choices that flow together well. Could this be a new direction in 45s? We will have to see, but on the real tip, these two took a chance, and it paid off. Great work fellas. Make sure you support these two DJs when they come to your town, because they will be.

Keep Diggin’!

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