Big Ups with E Da Boss


Super excited for this week’s Big Ups. E da Boss is a talented DJ, producer, record digger, and vocalist. You may know him from the superb 45 sides released on Timmion Records as half the duo of Myron & E. He is also a selector in the Bay Area’s legendary 45 Sessions with DJ Platurn and DJ Enki plus esteemed special guests, as well as a member of The Pendletons. Recently, his Myron & E project got picked up by Stones Throw Records. This project features some real deal Soul singing and production. E da Boss is preserving this long lost art form of Soul music and spreading the gospel of vinyl records wherever he goes. The highly anticipated full length is off the charts, so make sure you check out a live show when they go on tour. Learn more about E da Boss today. Enjoy!


Check out Myron & E on facebook.

Vist the Stones Throw website to pre-order the new Myron & E full length.

Check out the Pendletons on soundcloud.

Keep Diggin’!

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