Bad Bascomb – Give The Bass A Taste



When a large box arrived at my door a little bit ago, after struggling to carry it up the stairs to my studio, I opened it to a large amount of records. The note was short and said: “I knew you’d want these”. Well my enthusiasm turned to frustration as I flipped through Bobby Vinton and Andy Williams LPs. There were a good amount of full lengths as well as 45s in the box, so like any normal digger, I kept digging. Don’t get me wrong, there were a few Love Unlimited that I could mint up on and some Latin vocalists I could peruse, but I’ve had my fill of Herb Alpert records if ya know what I mean. Even as I dug through the 45s I had little faith. This was a record collection of someone that had no taste. Then I saw an unsleeved 45, it was the one we are featuring today: Bad Bascomb with “Give The Bass A Taste” from 1973. Score!

For the create diggers who are down with the drum breaks, you all might be familiar with their track “Black Grass” on the Ultimate Breaks and Beats compilations. You will also remember Wilbur Bascomb and the Zodiac released a banger of a 45 on Carnival called “Just A Groove In G”. If you don’t have it, I’d say search for it. I paid $20 for mine and it is a belter. Wilbur “Bad” Bascomb is a seasoned bass player who has played with many of the greats: Galt McDermot, James Brown, Roy Ayers, BB King, and also a major contributor on the classic Wired record from Jeff Beck among others. Mr. Bascomb has had an illustrious career and was recently featured in an interview series on egotrip.

With a big dose of bass and Blusey influence, “Give the Bass a Taste” has some heavy hitting drums and horn stabs that will have the most in shape B Boy keeping up with this 45. Hello drum break! I can picture some windmills and fancy footwork going down to this number. Don’t sleep, we know that “Black Grass” has the drums, but so does this side. It’s a sleeper, and will most definitely be featured on one of my upcoming mixes. Bad Bascomb is indeed bad, that’s bad meaning good.


Download the track here.

Keep Diggin’!

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