Big Ups with Danny Holloway


For those of you not aware who Danny Holloway is, let me quickly recap for you. Holloway, a former writer for NME (where he interviewed artists like David Bowie and Roberta Flack to name a few) and 23 year veteran at Island Records has dedicated his life to music. A DJ, producer, contributing writer to Wax Poetics, consultant on film and TV soundtracks, co-owner of Ximeno Records, and a resume that includes involvement on three Bob Marley records (for starters), it’s safe to say that Danny Holloway knows his way around vinyl record, not to mention music culture. He also runs the excellent Blazing 45s night and has a regular monthly show on Dublab radio as well. It is my honor and pleasure to have a true gentleman and scholar of the game featured this week in Big Ups. Representing Los Angeles, California, please enjoy Mr. Danny Holloway.


Danny Holloway on twitter.

Check out some of his mixes on Dublab.

Keep Diggin’!

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