Ximeno No. 4

Ximeo-No-4A little late to the Ximeno party, but glad Flea Market Funk can be apart of spreading the message about this dope label. On release number four (which I now have to scramble to try and get the previous three, this is that good), this double side of heat has what ails ya. It became available on 4/22, and is limited to a vinyl only pressing of 300, the A-Side sees Nigerian Grace Jackson torch up some Reggae fire on “Gonna Get You”. You may noticed the similarity of the horns, borrowed from the great Willie Williams ‘Armagideon Time. Not familiar, shame on you, go listen now. better yet, watch Ghost Dog as Forrest Whitaker cruises to it on a killing mission. Big, big tune, and the horns bump up this track for sure. The flip is another cover, this time it’s from the mighty Underground Vegetables. Raw, funky, and filled with drums (you know you like), it’s Booker T. & The MG’s Jamaican style.

Now this record right here is something special. With previous releases covering Michael Jackson, Cymande, Dazz Band, Mtume, these are some serious records. Number four is no slouch, and it will be available in limited quantities at better record stores everywhere. With Danny Holloway at the helm of the ship, you know these releases are proper with a capital P. If you’re not familiar with Mr. Smokin’ Vinyl himself, check out his Big Ups interview here. A quality release from a quality label. Hitch a ride with the Ximeno crew. Big tings g’wan people.

Keep Diggin’!

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