Bixiga 70 – Ocupai/ Kalimba

a1270463893_100002743148_10With all of these great releases coming through at once, you’re going to need a score card. Lucky for you, there is Flea Market Funk to sort you out with the jams. NYC Trust again come correct, this time with Brazilian flavor. A follow up to their 2011 debut, this 10 piece outfit from São Paulo, Bixiga 70, drop a two side of heat with an extra side of spice (that’s free of charge). The tracks “Ocupai” and “Kalimba” come off of their upcoming sophomore effort on Mais Um Discos. Recorded and produced in São Paulo, these tracks were mixed by ex-Brooklynite producer and Roots guru Victor Rice. Read up and learn, there is some heat behind this record.

“Occupai” is some Afro-Brazilian B-Boy music that has all the elements that keep you moving and grooving (not to mention up rocking until the break of dawn). Hard hitting drums with brass give it a Babe Ruth “The Mexican” meets Jimmy Castor’s “It’s Just Begun” feel. If you have been spinning the same set for the last 25 years at your B-Boy jams, you might need to get this missile of vinyl into your record box. This tune was made to be danced to…hard! “Kalimba” is a Summer anthem if I ever heard one. Forget last year’s “Get Lucky”, this is way more apropos. Authentic as a Caipirinha made by Jorge Ben and served by Gal Costa, this sound is the sound you crave for. Perfect as the warmer weather comes through, you can hear this blasting from Brooklyn to the Caribbean. Available now in vinyl, digital, and mobile form from the Bandcamp app, it just got 20 degrees warmer here with this record playing. Once again, Names You Can Trust nail it. Now don’t you miss it.

Bandcamp bundle here.

Buy the 7″ record here.

Keep Diggin’!

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