Jurassic 5 – The Way We Do It

J5Almost 20 years ago, I shared a booth at the Vans Warped Tour with Jurassic 5. They were a cool bunch of cats, humble, and of course they rocked the spot like no one else. I had been rocking their records since I copped the J5 EP in Dublin and the chance to meet them and talk with Cut Chemist briefly was a definite highlight for the day. These guys had that early Hip Hop mentality, great harmonies, intelligent lyrics, and the presence on stage that many could not even come close to. Oh yeah, and they had two DJs. They performed together up until 2006 and promptly broke up after their Feedback record. While Cut Chemist and DJ Nu-Mark went on to release solo music, heavy voiced Chali Tuna released solo efforts and did guest spots here and there. We didn’t hear much from the J5 crew though. That didn’t stop me from blasting “A Day At The Races” at gigs and working in earlier tunes as much as possible. There was always hope they may get back together, but a band like that has to generate some income to keep things afloat with that many members. Luckily, all of your Jurassic 5 prayers have been answered. They got back together for a reunion tour and have a new single “The Way We Do It”, produced by the late Heavy D. Featuring a prominent White Stripes sample from “My Doorbell”, J5 do what they always do, kill it. It’s like they have never gone away, and that’s the way we like it. If you weren’t aware that The Overweight Lover was nice on the production, now you know. Long live the Jurassic 5. Here’s to a successful tour and hoping for a new full length. You can do it!

Check out J5 on the road.

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