The Boomjacks – Moments In Space and Time

Boom-Jacks-LpBoomjacksWhile everyone else is worried about Kimye’s wedding, we will be over here in our corner of the internet turning you on to some new ish. The Boomjacks are a beatmaking duo out of Finland. Brothers they are, and Jyri & Villejam have put out this release on the newly formed record label U Call That Love. Previously the duo have released independent projects: 4-part “Beats” series, “Beats of Ice and Fire”, “Butter & Jam” and a collaborative EP with the American rapper Apollo’s Sun, “The Ownlife Sessions, Vol. 1” before dropping this gem. Bringing us back to moody, sample driven beats akin to early DJ Shadow and DJ Krush among others (or today’s torch carrier’s Tall Black Guy or Small Pro),Moments In Space and Time fits the bill at what these brothers call “Hip Hop with Soul”. I can specifically remember buying beats on the Shadow record label, Wall of Sound, or some varied Ninja Tune stuff that this can be compared with. Tracks like “Jazz Peace”, that give off that after hours/ chill vibe, “The Golden Hour” with its punch drums and exotic sample, the moody and atmospheric “Spirits”, sit along side the Kenny Dopesque “Funky Boom” and Library record sound alike “The Heist”. The Boomjacks most definitely have something going on here, and all the way through it does not disappoint one bit. One tune I have on repeat is “Inner Worlds”, with a boom bap beat and symbol samples throughout, it’s abstract but gets your head nodding. The former title, Moods and Grooves was scrapped for the latter, which hits this fifteen tune record right on track. So as KRS-One said: “Take the pillow from your head and put a book it it”, we are going to go one step further. Take your Beats By Dre headphones off, and listen to Moments In Space and Time through your speakers instead. Don’t just hear it, listen, and you’ll see what we mean. If all the future releases for U Call This Love are this dope, we’ve got another great record label in the making. Get thing pressed on vinyl!

Get the music from their Bandcamp page.

Check out more of The Boomjacks on Soundcloud.

Keep Diggin’!

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