Bespoke Vinyl Record Dividers

Bespoke-Record-Dividers-3For people that have an excessive amount of vinyl. I’m talking to you floor to ceiling collectors, multiple Expedit and custom shelf vinyl junkies. If you’re like me, and I fit te previous category, you know where your records are. I can look in a general vicinity and say: “Over there is the Idris Muhammad records”, or “Here is the promo copy of said 12″ record”. However, at times, it would be nice to have it like a library, where, even though my records are alphabetized, I could see what category or better yet, what letter I’m looking for. My college radio station had platic dividers with hand written black marker letters. I would like to think with age, comes some maturity, and with that a sense of enjoying the finer things in life. Bespoke-Record-Dividers-1Here is where Kate Koeppel comes in. A one woman design team based out of San Francisco, she has created a niche product to fill the void for all vinyl record collectors out there. after months of prototyping this product, as well as collaborating with local area craftsmen, she has launched a collection of laser cut alphabetical vinyl record dividers. They are hand crafted by a team of talented craftsmen, who put meticulous detail into each piece. Kate was able to combine her love of vinyl records, typography, and hyper-organization into one bespoke product. They are not a cheap product, and with good reason. Hand made by a real live person, each piece takes a specific amount of time to put together, and your order will take around a week to receive (depending on the set). The stencil set is dope, but if you want to take it to the next level, get them engraved. Bespoke-Record-Dividers-2A great thing is that they are offered in both 7″ and 12″ form, so if you need to organize those 45s in a special shelf, you are covered there as well. Whether you’re a DJ, an Audiophile, a vinyl record nut, or are OCD about how your records need to be, never misplace another piece of wax in your shelves with these. They do require some care, don’t handle with oily hands, but they are built to last people. Again, they are a bit pricey, but anything hand made and bespoke always is. Kate Koeppel is on to something here, and if you need a little organization in your vinyl life, she’s your savior.

Check out more about these dividers here.

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