Fat Nice – Peace Love Unity And Havin’ Fun

Fat-Nice-PLUHF-45Fat-NiceAfter a three day holiday here in the States we are back with a record that just came out last week. Out of the City of Brotherly Love, Record Breakin’ Music gives us some smooth, positive Hip Hop from an even smoother brother Fat Nice. Philly by way of Chi-town, Fat Nice keeps it 100 on this 7″ that belongs right in your record box. Boom Bap drums get your head nodding and the message is still the same as it ever was: Peace Love Unity and Havin’ Fun. Leave the knives and the guns alone, Fat Nice is on the microphone. This is exactly wat we want to hear in our Hip Hop music: Positivity. It’s been long gone except for a handful, and we’re damn glad it’s making even more of a come back with this record. I don’t know about you, but I like my messages positive for the audience, and Record Breakin’ is right on the money with this release. This features remixes by Lil’ Dave (of Ill Vibe Collective) and Buscrates as well. The flip, “My Favorite Things” goes back to a Jazzy, Summertime vibe. Also remixed by Buscrates, it deviates from the original samples (stand up bass and horn over drums) to give it a Kool and the Gang feel (and we dig the “Tramp” drum break) for your BBQ or warm season party. A great double banger we cosign to the fullest here at Flea Market Funk. This is exactly what we need, and from the shout outs on this track, Fat Nice is nice with the music choices as well. An artist after our own heart, we are hoping for more from this cat. As a record label, Record Breakin’ has some really dope releases in their catalog as well, so get up on them if you’re not familiar. It’s the time for grilling outdoors, block parties, and hanging with your peeps, playing some Summertime tunes, so get “Peace Love Unity And Havin’ Fun” in rotation . No doubt this track will be blasting in the 215 as well as spots around the globe. Support independent artists and labels, it’s good for you.

Buy the record and digital release here.

Check out Record Breakin’ on the web.

Keep Diggin’!

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