Jazz Spastiks feat. Apani B Fly – Move

Jazz-SpastiksThe Edinburgh, Scotland production and DJ team Jazz Spastiks are at it again. Highlighting their love of Jazzy samples and neck snapping beats, they put out a 90’s laid back groove on one side of this double sided head nodder from Dusty Platter. The Jazz Spastiks get down because like Tribe, they have the Jazz. Keeping in the tradition of Summertime grooves, this is another beat for the streets and hot weather. Apani B Fly’s flow moves with the groove because she is smooth like that, this track has a timeless feel to it. Perfect for any situation, I see many heads getting down to this joint. The flip has two tracks, “Frequency” featuring Moka Only, and a bonus beat “Tapedeck”. “Frequency” is an uptempo burner while “Tapedeck” is just Jazzy enough to bump in the ride with a bit of gangster lean. This record is limited to 300 copies with a 3mm spine and full color sleeve. Shipping on or around June 23rd, you have plenty of time to make room on the shelves for this heat from the UK.

More from the Jazz Spastiks on bandcamp.

Pre-order the record here.

Peep the video for “Move”:

Keep Diggin’!

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