Cool and Deadly: An All Live Vinyl Reggae Mix

Cool and Deadly Cover

Today for your listening pleasure, I’ve put together a variety of Jamaican 12″ sides as well as LPs that I think are Cool and Deadly. Drawing inspiration from some Kung Fu flicks (and a nod to the Upsetter himself Lee Perry with the cover design) there are a variety of artists and Reggae on this all live and in one take mix. I put some musicians that I haven’t got a chance to mix in the likes of Courtney Melody, R.Stepper, The Itals and Prince Alla up against some heavyweight classics from Max Romeo and The Upsetters, Bunny Wailer, Lloyd Robinson’s Studio One goodness, Jacob Miller, Jackie Mittoo, and Rockers Almighty. The labels of the 12’s from Freedom Sounds, Wackie’s, 56 Hope Road are dope themselves, and when others from Shanachie, Studio One, Flying Dutchman Reggae, Clock Tower and Top Ranking International are included, that excites me as well. I need to get a copy of this for even more labels. Labels are an artform in themselves, and they are just as addicting as the music itself. I also threw in a few sides I have been feeling lately with Jah Batta and Early B as well as Tiger from his split LP with Yellowman and Flying Dutchman Reggae label’s The Liquidators covering the Upsetters. Whether these artists are paying tribute to Marcus Garvey, the chalice, or the most high, in every way they fit the Cool and Deadly profile. Nuff Niceness!

Cool and Deadly: An All Vinyl Reggae Mix Track List

36 Deadly Styles Cool and Deadly Intro
The Liquidators – The Return of Django/ Flying Dutchman Reggae
LLoyd Robinson – Cuss Cuss/ Studio One
Early B – Wheely Wheely/ 56 Hope Road
Bunny Wailer – Cool and Deadly/ Shanachie
Max Romeo & The Upsetters – Chase The Devil/ Island
Tiger – Lyrics For You Money/ Sonic Sounds
Jah Batty – Sometime Girl/ Wackie’s
Prince Alla – Sun Is Shining (Adapted)/ Freedom Sounds
Rockers Almighty – 21 Gun Salute To Brother Marcus/ Clock Tower
R. Stepper – Hand Cuff/ Chopper Productions
Courtney Melody – Take A Look At Life/Chopper Productions
The Itals – Herbs Pirate/ Nighthawk Records
Jacob “Killer” Miller – Take A Lift/ Top Ranking international
Jackie Mittoo – Jah Rock Style/ Magnasound Records
Scratch Outro

Listen to Cool and Deadly from my mixcloud page.

Use this to download the mix.

Keep Diggin’!

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