Enjoy and Be Educated


Not too long go I profiled Hevehitta of the Digger’s Union (Local 1200) in Big Ups. He said that he and his partner DJ Unexpected had something big coming up. Well here it is, TDU’s own show, Enjoy and Be Educated on Brooklyn’s BBOX radio. With an “aim to support the exchange of ideas, art and music by providing a local community platform & meeting place, BBOX fulfills its mission through an evolving collaboration with its neighbors — artists, educators, entrepreneurs, civic advocates and everyone in between — to present a range of engaging radio programs, concerts, workshops, exhibits and talks.” This good people, is a great home for TDU. With so many outlets for artists and DJs today, it’s really great to see these guys having a sense of community here in Brooklyn and well, spreading love the Brooklyn way if I can quote Chris Wallace. Spread love they do, in 2 hour increments on BBOX.

Enjoy and Be Educated runs on Saturdays EST from 1PM-3PM and is available to stream as well if you can’t check it live. Expect to hear artists ranging from the not so mainstream such as Action Bronson and Mayhem Lauren to classics from James Brown, Fatback Band, Kashmere Stage Band, and a variety of original breaks and samples you may or may not know. Also keep an ear out for special remixes and dub plates too. Their music knowledge and game is tight, so you are bound to learn something for sure (as well as nod your head). The duo are not over the top on the mike, and definitely keep it entertaining and educational (for those of you not schooled in the trade of Hip Hop) with the music. They leave you waiting for the next episode saying “Is it Saturday yet?”. This looks to be the start of something really great. With 3 shows so far, I highly recommend that you catch up. This is a great compliment to their already dope website.

Enjoy and Be Educated on BBOX Radio.

Go here to download each episode.

Keep Diggin’!

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