Big Ups with Hevehitta

If you’re not familiar with Hevehitta, it’s high time you get familiar. With over 70 mixtapes under his belt, Hevehitta has been holding it down the mix tape game proper for a minute. Along with the mixtape game, Hevehitta is the webmaster over at The Diggers Union Local 1200. This is their mission:

“Diggers Union is a family of music connoisseurs who have made a lifelong commitment to accumulate and preserve recorded music. Immeasurable amounts of time and money go into our research to separate the honorable from the horrible. We are here to enjoy and educate, be it through media, speech, etc. to ensure fans that their horizons are constantly being broadened. With the vast amount of music being released consistently, it can be quite a challenge to keep up; but rest assure Diggers Union will accomplish the goal of being as informative as possible. Think of it as “Collecting Done Correctly.”

That’s a pretty good idea of what Hevehitta is all about. I’m proud to have a guy like this in Big Ups. Enjoy.

Check out The Digger’s Union here.

Follow The Digger’s Union on Twitter.

Keep Diggin’!

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