DJ Delgado & The Aztlán Roots Sound

Photo Courtesy of SF Weekly

It was a nice treat today to wake up to an email from my West Coast homie DJ Delgado letting me know that he was featured in SF Weekly wearing my FMF “The Way We Live” tee. His Fresh Jamz party is 5 years old, and for this special night, he sat down with the paper to discuss his DJing philosophy, the Aztlán Roots confederation, and his return to the Bay area. Not only is Delgado a good guy, but he’s a dope DJ as well. The FResh Jamz Crew dropped a 5 year anniversary mix that encompasses the spirit of the night. A great blend of “dubplates, dancehall, Golden Age hip-hop, new Bay Area Rap, and some classics”, this will get your Friday moving. Props to DJ Delgado and the Fresh Jamz crew, and if you are in the Bay area, make sure to check where he is spinning. Have a listen to Delgado’s part of the Anniversary Mix below:

Keep Diggin’!

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