Greg Grease – I Still Love H.E.R Ft. Lizzo


Minneapolis producer turned rapper Greg Grease has crafted a fine single in “I Still Love H.E.R” featuring Lizzo out of very clear memories of his father pumping Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest, and Slum Village out of his car’s speakers. Drawing directly from these influences, this record, funnily enough doesn’t sound like them at all. It’s good, no doubt, but Grease pulled a bit from each and made it dope in his own way. You may hear some strings here, hard drums there, an R & B vocal, but on the whole, it has Golden Age written all over it. No imitations, just a head nod, a pound, and hug outta respect. Right up our alley here at FMF. Taken off of the full length Cornbread, Pearl & G, another nod to the classic soundtrack Cornbread, Earl and Me, Grease illustrates the struggle through a series of aural paintings we call songs. This guy is definitely one to watch in the ’13.


Stream the entire record: Cornbread, Pearl & G by Greg Grease via URB.

Keep Diggin’!


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