Big Ups With Mick


Mick, or the DJ formerly known as Mick Boogie is a man on the move. Maybe you haven’t heard his name, but you’ve seen him: Bing and Adidas commercials, Style Channel’s “City Girls Diaries” and MTV’s “Rap Fix Live” among others. His client list is a who’s who of the celebrity world: Jay Z, Kanye, LeBron James, and J Lo to name a few. He’s DJed from Miami to Dubai and all places in between. Mick has perfected the DJ as a brand, and if you’ve ever heard him spin, he is known for his diverse music taste and talents. Whether it’s Madison Square Garden, 1OAK, or any number of fashion companies he’s worked with, the result is always the same. People love him. I met Mick as he spun in the 30 degree weather in a jacked up Red Bull hummer at Red Bull Arena this past year and we spoke on music, DJing in subzero conditions, and getting him here on FMF. It’s my pleasure to have Mick in this week’s Big Ups. Go Brooklyn, Go Brooklyn, Go Brooklyn.


Get more info on Mick at his website.

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