Conjunto Papa Upa – Vintage Voudou


In the last two releases from the Music With Soul label, they tackled Brazilian Psychedlic and Garage sounds, establishing themselves as a unique international label putting out quality records. It’s no surprise that their latest output tackles something new. This record takes a cue from history, when the music of bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones got emulated by the Latin American youth as they heavily experimented using tape echos and analog delays with their guitar and organ combos, shaping music scenes in different regions of the continent. Where Brazil had Tropicalia, Columbia had Champeta, and Peru had its Chica, Venezuelan born label founder, musician and producer Alex Figueroa went back to his roots and is introducing a double side of newly recorded Latin heat influenced by his home land. On “Vintage Voudou” and the B-Side “Camuri Chico”, he teams of with heavyweight Afro-Venezuelan drummer Baldomero Verdú, who’s played along side original scene notables Uno Solo Pueblo and La Parranda de Miriam to create the foundation this record was made upon. The outcome is a two sides of Latin heat that belong in your record box.

“Vintage Voudou” is an upbeat trip through Latin America complete with hand claps, call and response, and a driving guitar and rhythm that doesn’t stop. This funky Latin space ship has landed in Amsterdam and is the back bone of tropical dance parties currently shaking the city. The flip side, “Camuri Chico” has a slightly more psychedelic feel to it, injecting surf fueled guitars and a Farfisa into the mix, a soundtrack cut off of a Quentin Tarantino movie not yet made. Both of these tracks are unique and give the listener a glimpse of the old guard, complete with an updated sound of the new guard. Music With Soul is not just releasing records, they are preserving the great history of Latin America’s musical movements, keeping the storied tradition of street musicians who no one ever heard of but changed the face of the music scenes forever. Listen for yourself and be the judge.

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