Feel What I’m Feelin’ – An All 45 Mix


It’s Friday, and with a nod to Adam Yauch and Saul Bass, Flea Market Funk presents Feel What I’m Feelin’: An All 45 Mix. Here’s a baker’s dozen of 7″ records that I have been feeling lately. It’s a mixed bag from all around the world of Funk, Soul, Instrumental Hip Hop, Latin, Reggae, Boogie, Jazz and Disco sides that work really well together. Mostly newer sides with a handful of older tracks that lend their timeless sound to the rest of the bunch.

There is some West Coast instrumental Hip Hop sampling love from Professor Brian Oblivion, resurrected soundtrack stuff remixed from France, my man Small Change and DRM giving Stevie Wonder the Rasta treatment, FMF faves Myron and E with some sweet Soul on Stones Throw, a Country Funk, guitar driven track produced by Dennis Coffey, Modern Soul out of Australia, A private press Disco side from Kevin Coombe of Washington DC’s Moneytown , Will Sessions from the D and the stable of Frank Raines’ Funk Night Records, a thrift store Latin heat find in Bronx River Pkwy, some sexy Boogie from Lowrell Simon, and finally rounding it off with the master, Grant Green covering the Beatles. Like I said earlier, these are tracks that I’m feeling and they happen to be on 45. They’re on 45 just because they are, not because it’s cool. FMF has been serving up fresh 7″ slices of Funk, Soul, Reggae, Jazz, and Hip Hop for a while now, and we will always keep doing it. I hope you enjoy these sides as much as I do. Most of these records were reviewed here and are available, so support your independent record label if you dig what you’re hearing. Shout out to DJ Unexpected for the drop as well. One more thing, play it loud!

Feel What I’m Feelin’: An All 45 Mix Tracklist

Professor Brian Oblivion – Hopscotch/ Clockwise
The Mardo Bump Society – Stick Up In Jewel Street/ Stereo Phonk
Small Change & DJ DRM Meet Mr. Wonder Uptown – Nuff Man Live Fi Jah City/ Bstrd Boots
Myron & E – Everyday Love/ Stones Throw/Timmion
Lowrell Simon – Love Massage/ Zoo York Records
Tribe – Koke Part 1/ ABC
George Franklin Smallwood & Marshmallow – Lady Disco/ Smallwood
Zillanova feat. Jess Harlen – The Time It Takes/ Hope Street Recordings
Will Sessions – The Diesel Part 1/ Funk Night Records
Jimmy Delphs – Mind Going In The Same Direction/ Eastbound
Mothergroove – Bastard/ Our Label
Bronx River Pkwy – Deixa Pra La/ Latin Express
Grant Green – I Want To Hold Your Hand/ Blue Note

Get the mix from my mixcloud page.

Keep Diggin’!

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