Funky music is my style….

It’s been way too long, and I’ve finally got off my lazy ass and started a record blog. The purpose is to open some people’s eyes to some records they otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to. I’m DJ Prestige. I’ve been collecting music all my life, but started DJing seriously in 1997. I’ve got some great stuff in my record collection, LPs and 45s to share with whoever wants to listen. The majority of the records I get are from digging at Flea Markets (hence the name), yard sales and thrift stores. There are some great spots here in Jersey, and I’ll be posting record reviews, finds, and general banter.

I’m going to do my best to post at least a record a week, complete with record scans and an mp3 for the your listening pleasure. My first record will be coming up shortly, and it’s going to be Brother Jack McDuff’s “Oblighetto”, on Blue Note Records.

All Live 45 Mix Flea Market Funk February 2007, All 45s all live

Meanwhile, next Friday night March 30, 2007, myself and a whole gang of DJs are going to do our second installment of the 45 Sessions in Asbury Park, NJ. A night of all funk, soul, latin jazz and reggae 45s, no 12″ allowed. Here is the flyer for this month’s party:


Here are some photos from last month’s party:
yours truly, DJ Prestige
DJ Prestige
DJ Prime
DJ Prime
Jay Boxcar
Jay Boxcar
Mr. Funky 16 Corners Larry Grogan
Mr. Funky 16 Corners Larry Grogan
Jack the Ripper
Jack the Ripper
Connie T. Empress of ESSC
Connie T. Empress
DJ Bluewater
DJ Bluewater
The 45 Crowd!
45 Sessions Crowd

5 responses to “Funky music is my style….

  1. Nice nice nice. I’m enjoying the All 45 Mix 02.07 Some tracks are familiar, but most are a mystery to me. I need some education. Is it in the range of possibilities to post a track listing for these? I see March has the track listings, but no music. I am asking too much, I know, but I want it all! The music and the track listing.

    In alphabetical order you’re already ahead of Funky16Corners, and if you keep this goodness up, you’ll soon be eating at the grownups’ table in blogland. You have an amazing collection.

  2. the grown ups table would be nice, i just hope i can hang with some of these record collections. being put in the same league as Funky16Corners is always an honor. i have some gems in my collection to share. check your email for a track listing of the 45 mix. keep diggin’!

  3. Sorry, I know this is old news, and I’ve been lazy, but could you bless me with a tracklist for the all 45 02.07 mix. Yes, I’m still listening to it. yes, I love your blog. Yes you’re in the same “adults table” league with F16corners. That is for sure.

    Thanks and seriously keep the tunes coming. You’re blog is one of my favorites.

  4. Well, it looks like i have come to the end (the end is the start btw) and i would just like to say, that was a ferking serious TRIP!!!!!!!!!!! I loved all of that man, that was an eye opener. I am only 27, i didnt even know this kind of shit existed!! wtf is wrong with this planet? ….anychance of getting a playlist for your first mix, i would like to go back to it sometime? If not its really really cool, i dont mind either way… dont look a gift horse in the mouth and all that, there are a lot of tunes there. Infact, tell you what , i will try and find the most of them myself so dont worry about it. I have a nice tune for you btw, have you got Tatum and Duff “I dont blame you” ? Anyway, i will keep a close eye on what you are up to, thanks again for this music. I will be busy getting into this shit, thank fuck!! something to get in to!!

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