Asbury Park 45 Session 2 Recap 03.30.07

It’s been a long weekend here at the Prestige household. I’m recovering from a weekend of DJing and record digging, so let me wipe the sleep from my eyes and recap a great night of people, music and most of all, 45s, at the second installment of the 45 sessions held at the World Famous Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, NJ. If you were there, you felt the vibe and dug on some great music spun by a really eclectic group of DJs from the tri-state area. If you weren’t, there will be another one on May 11th, so please mark your calenders accordingly. The crowd was a little smaller than the inaugural party, but the good vibe was there nonetheless. I have to say that the more we do this, the more I am pushed as a DJ to get dig deeper. Just when you think you have deep crates, any one of these DJs pulls out HEAT, and it’s both humbling and exciting, because it’s another record you need to get. Record digging is a life long obsession, something that is really an ongoing battle, a battle in which the records are always winning. I’m nuts about records, and am thankful I have a wife who puts up with my record obsession (as my DJ area takes more and more space of our loft). The day after said event, a few of us went digging at my local spot. We stumbled upon a older DJ crate (complete with paper taped on the records to obscure the name of the record, and permanent marker crossing out the name as well, along with tons of 45s and waterlogged 12″s.) that was beat up, but uncovered 3, yes I said 3 copies, of Herman Kelly and Life 12″‘s of “Dance to the Drummer’s Beat” on Electric Cat. It’s crazy enough to find one, but three, that’s just out of sight. Here are the rest of my finds, nothing rare, but good music nonetheless:

    On 45

Hank Ballard: Broadway
Instant funk: Got My Mind Made Up
Bobby Byrd: I Know You Got Soul
Bar Kays: Soul Finger
Kraftwerk: Computer Love
Chambers Bros: Do Your Thing
Hot: Just Because I’m Guilty
Ramsey Lewis: Jungle Strut
James Brown: Escapism
James Brown:I’m a Greedy Man
James Brown:Get Up Get Into It Get Involved


Ojay’s: Backstabbers
Millie Jackson: Feelin Bitchy

Here are the photos from the 45 Sessions along with my set list:

Yours Truly DJ Prestige
DJ Prestige Asbury Park 45 Sessions 03.30.07
MFasis Asbury Park 45 Sessions 03.30.07
DJ Prime
DJ Prime Asbury Park 45 Sessions 03.30.07
The always entertaining Connie T. Empress
Connie T. Empress Asbury Park 45 Sessions 03.30
Mr. Funky 16 Corners
Funky 16 Corners Asbury Park 45 Sessions 03.30.07
Cool Hands Luke
Cool Hands Luke Asbury Park 45 Sessions 03.30.07
The Executioner aka Jack the Ripper
The Executioner aka Jack the Ripper Asbury Park 45 Sessions 03.30.07
Sport Casual
Sport Casual Asbury Park 45 Sessions 03.30.07

DJ Prestige Asbury Park 45 Sessions setlist 03.30.07:

1. Les McCann – The Morning Song Atlantic
2. Little Beaver – Funkadelic Sound Cat
3. Bud Harper – Mr. Soul Peacock
4. Funky Music Machine – Love Me A Little While Longer Black Top
5. The Chubukos – House of the Rising Funk Mainstream
6. BW Souls – Marvin’s Groove Round
7. Grover Washington Jr. – Mister Magic KUDU
8. Carla Whitney – War Jazzman
9. The Turtles – Buzzsaw (Worked Doubles) White Whale
10. Ted Taylor – It’s a Funky Situation RONN
11. Joe Cocker – Woman to Woman A&M
12. Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds – Funk-in-Wagnall ABC
13. Lowrell Simon – Love Massage (Instrumental) Zoo York
14. Dawn and Sunset – Move in the Room Luv n’Haight
15. Alvin Cash and the Crawlers Twine Time Mar-V-lus
16. Locomotiv GT – Rock Yourself ABC
17. Brother to Brother – In the Bottle Turbo
18. Billy Sha-Rae – Do It Spectrum
19. Brother Jack McDuff – Oblighetto Blue Note
20. Donald Byrd – Blackbyrd Blue Note
21. Undisputed Truth – California Soul Gordy
22. GiGi – Daddy Love (Part 1) Sweet
23. Joe Cubat Sextet – Bang Bang Tico
24. Jimmy Castor Bunch – Hey Leroy, Your Mama’s Calling You Smash
25. Bum Rocks – Thank Youse BumRocks

Check out the Funky 16 Corners Blog for more recap fun. I’ve got Betty Davis “If I’m in Luck, I Just Might Get Picked Up” on deck for review, so that will be up shortly. Keep Diggin’!

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