The Chubukos – House of the Rising Funk

Chubukos 45
Many years ago I once found a record dealer who had a good amount of the Ultimate Breaks and Beats, or UBB as they are known in the DJ game, for sale. He’s telling me how his sealed Hall and Oates, and Donna Summer records are $5, and the other junk compilations are a quarter. With a poker face I gladly took all of them. For a DJ starting out, finding doubles of any UBB record was gold. I mean taking the worn in Volume 20 out and finding “House of the Rising Funk”, “Hook and Sling”, “Kissing My Love” and others made me think I struck gold. Fast forward to this past year, I’m digging at what I thought was one of my secret spots, only to get there and find out all the 45s have been bought. My wife is walking around and finds a random stack of 45s. I do not have high hopes for that stack, but take them anyway. I’m glad I did, because in that stack is this very 45 I will be reviewing today flea market funkers: “House of the Rising Funk”, by The Chubukos on Mainstream Records.

What do we know about this band, the Chubukos? Other than the fact that the Chubukos aka Afrique had released a banger of a greasy funk Lp on Mainstream, covering a little song called “Soul Makossa” by Manu Dibango, not much. 70’s funk and soul session guitarist David T. Walker, and bassist Chuck Rainey were among the 13, yes I said 13, members who comprised this funk consortium. There is no other full length record by Afrique, but they did release a string of 45s from said record, this being one of them. They also contributed to a few soundtracks in the mid to late 1970’s, but to hear them at their best, is to hear them on the “Soul Makossa” record.

Let’s talk about the record itself. A funk instrumental that can not be denied it’s rightful place in all that is funky. The heavy opening drum break (with some conga thrown in for flavor) introduces us to what’s in store, while Walker’s wah-wah guitar starts off the groove with a touch of funky Hendrix cool. This is a journey into sound (if I can borrow the phrase from the Coldcutremix of Eric B. and Rakim’s “Paid in Full”), a journey, along the way, that will give you a beefy shot of organ, a generous dose of horns, and a funk groove that will not go away. For me, the standout (besides the fat drum break) is the presence of Walker, who grooves his wah wah pedal until the end. He locks in the funky groove until the the organ and both saxaphones rise to an almost free funk freakout, then slowly fade out. While this record is not rare, and copies can be found pretty easily, it’s a track that shouldn’t be passed up, whether it’s on 45 like this one, the UBB comps, or any other 70’s funk reissue, Flea Market Funk recommends this track. Enjoy and Keep Diggin’!

The Chubukos House of the Rising Funk ripped from 45

6 responses to “The Chubukos – House of the Rising Funk

  1. Hey, would the flipside of that 45 be called “Slow Motion” by chance? I found a copy of the Afrique record at the local fire “haul” and that track has a nasty gash in it… Just looking to replace it for cheap. I’ll be keeping in touch.

  2. The flip side of this 45 is “Witch Doctor Bump”, on Mainstream. I’ve yet to get my hands on an Afrique 45, although I have had no problem buying multiple copies of the original “Soul Makossa”, their 45 version has slipped past me for now. I know that this record is easily obtained, as for the Afrique, not so sure. Larry or anyone else, any help on that one?

  3. Pres
    I have a couple of Afrique 45s (I believe Soul Makossa is one of them, the other is Kumbo Coming). I’m also pretty sure that Afrique/Chubukos are the same gang that recorded as the Delegates, i.e. ‘Funky Butt’, ‘Convention 72’ and that organist Charles Kynard was in their midst.

  4. I believe I found my copy in the exact same spot, and it looks to be in the same condition (!) Tell you what…let’s both play it tonight at midnight. It’ll be synchronicity or serendipity or something…

  5. Had this record since i was a kid cause i took it from my mom’s house. Hey, no one else wanted it, ha ha! Glad i kept it, just wish i didn’t put car wax on it thinking it would make it smooth again, ha ha, wtf!!! I’ve since found another copy somewhere overseas, wish i knew where.

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