Record Show Finds 04.14.07

Groovy Record Show Finds

After DJing for 8 hours straight last night, with one bathroom break (don’t ask me how I did it), I managed to pull myself out of bed at 7:30 AM to meet up with DJ Prime and DJ Skills to hit up the Groovy Productions Record show relocated to Hazlet, NJ. That’s a bonus for me, because Hazlet is a lot closer than it’s former home in Edison. I don’t know if the weather had anything to do with it, but although the dealer portion of the show was filled up, it seemed the record digger portion was a bit smaller. It was the first show since they moved it, and also a year since they even did a show. We also got up at the butt crack of dawn to do it, and as we left at 12:30, heads were still rolling in. Whatever the case, the three of us scored. As a matter of fact, the early time admission we paid was spent at only one table: 20 boxes of 45s, $3 a piece. After what seemed like an hour and a half of digging/ listening on portables, I had to get up. It seemed we attracted a lot of attention ( I have no idea why), because a lot of Asian diggers were checking us out. The guy even pulled the old “hey let me scratch my leg and look at what you’re playing” trick. All he had to do was ask, I don’t mind sharing. We found another table with $2 45s, and that took up the rest of our time. Skills doesn’t buy 45s, instead opting for some soundtrack heat and assorted Latin goodies. Prime and I definitely scored big. It was the best day digging I’ve had in a while. Below are the finds I dug up, all on 45. I’ll be serving up some of that goodness this week. Keep Diggin’!

Alvin Cash and the Crawlers – Philly Freeze/ Mar-V-Lus
Eddie Harris – Get Up and Dance/ Atlantic
The Undisputed Truth – Smiling Faces/ Gordy
The Peoples Choice – I Likes to Do It (2 Copies)/ Phil LA-Soul
Chambers Brothers – Funky/ Columbia
Toussaint McCall – Shimmy/ Ronn (2 Copies)
The Illusion – Don’t Push It/ Steed
The Interpretations – Soul Affection/ Bell
Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd St. Band – Must Be Your Thing/ Warner Bros.
Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd St. Band – What Can You Bring Me/ Warner Bros.
Lou Courtney – Do the Thing/ Riverside
The 8th Day – She’s Not Just Another Woman/ Invictus
Fatback – King Tim III/ Polydor
James Brown – Slaughters Theme/ Polydor
Hank Ballard and the Moments – Hey There Sexy Lady/ Stang
Mar-Keys – Last Night/ Satellite
C and the Shells – Funky Tambourine/ Zanzee
The Persuaders – Love Gonna Pack Up/ Win or Lose
King Floyd – Groove Me/ Chimneyville
Joe Tex – Papa Was Too/ Dial
Booker T. and the MG’s – Soul Clap 69/ Stax
Otis and Carla – Tramp/ Stax
Willie Hutch – Theme of Foxy Brown/ Motown
The Meters – Chicken Strut/ Josie
The Meters/ Cissy Strut/ Josie
The Meters – Doodle Oop/ Josie
Little Sister – Somebody’s Watching You/ Stone Flower
Abdul Sabuza Soul Syndicate Band – Daniel/ Kaya
The Fabulous Emotions – Funky Chicken/ Nico
Calvin Arnold – Funky Way/ Venture
The Continental Four – Escape from Planet Earth/ Jay Walking
Funkadelic – Music For My Mother/ Westbound
Ruby Andrews – Whatever It Takes To Please You/ Zodiac
Kool and the Gang – Let the Music Take Your Mind/ De-Lite
Ike and Tina Turners & the Ikettes – I Want To Take You Higher
Donny Hathaway – Jealous Guy/ Atco
Olympic Runners – Kool Gent/ London
Wilbert Harrison – Get It While You Can – Hot Line
Lonnie Youngblood – Man To Woman/ Shakat
Lonnie Youngblood – Sweet Sweet Tootie/ Turbo
Ted Taylor – Can’t Take No More/ Ronn
Otis Clay – Good Lovin’/ Elka
The Charmetts – Breaking Up Again/ Philomega
Betty Swann – Make Me Yours/ Money

5 responses to “Record Show Finds 04.14.07

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  2. nice haul!

    if you have extra copies of the calvin arnold let me know, mines a bit worn and in need of a replacement/upgrade. i hate styrene. 😦

  3. Damn! Hit me with some of that Charles Wright, please! The Watts Rhythm Band is one of the best funk outfits ever, hands down.

    Nice blog, keep up the fine work.


  4. Wow, all for $2 each!

    Over here in England, the dealer would be greedily rifling through Manship’s Price Guide and charging £10 each minimum…

    Love the twang at the start of the Calvin Arnold track!


  5. any info on lonnie youngblood – man to woman, i barely remember this song but had forgot about it, do you have it on cassette or any other format.

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