Stinkie Steve Makes an Appearance: Good Saturday Record Scores

The Spot

I don’t know where you guys are, but here in NJ today, it was the best Spring day we’ve had this year. For me, it can only mean one thing: digging. I hit up my spot at least once a week during the warm weather. Today I was given a special treat: Stinkie Steve. Many of you probably don’t know Steve, so for those of you who don’t, let me give a brief summary. This guy has been selling records for like 30+ years. He’s nuts. He’s a vegan, he was involved in the “adult” industry, he’s neurotic, but best (or worst of all), he’s got good records. A lot of people waxed poetic about him on Soul Strut a while ago. Most of my experiences have been favorable with him, however obsessive compulsive he is. Example: “Please put the records half and half: half in this pile, half in the other, please do not mix the piles you have gone through, and could you refrain from listening to your choices until after you have gone through all the records?” Worst of all, he takes out his “record guides”, which look like Edison wrote them, and goes through each record one by one. If confused, he asks to use your portable and will give you a price based on the sound of the record. I shit you not. He also doesn’t set up right away, opting to walk around the flea market and buy until he’s ready to set up his table. I caught him early, he recognized me, and I only had to wait 10 minutes. Here’s what I got from him, I think I managed to score everything for around $3.50 a record on average, even though he was pricing records from $1 to $20 each.

The Meters – Look-ka Py Py/ Josie
The Meters – Handclapping Song/ Josie
The Meters – Sophisticated Sissy/ Josie
Bobby Bland – These Hands/ Duke
Bill Cosby – Funky North Philly/ Warner Bros.
Gene Chandler – Rainbow ’65/ Constellation
Kool and the Gang – Who’s Gonna Take the Weight/ De-Lite
Sammy Gordon and the HipHuggers – Breezin’/ Archives
Muddy Waters – Can’t Get No Grindin’/ Chess
The Boys in the Band – Sumpin Heavy/ Spring
Billy Harner – Homicide Dresser/ Heritage
General Crook – Testification/ Wand
The Vast Majority – You Do/ D & M Sound
South Shore Commission – I’d Rather Switch Than Fight/ Wand
Skip Jackson & the Natural Experience – Micro Wave Boogie/ Catamount
Garry Davis and the Vendors – Funk Machine/ 20th Century
Betty Davis – Shut Off the Lights/ Island
Ohio Players – A Little Soul Party/ Trip
Panic Buttons – O-Wow/ Chalom
Willie and the Mighty Magnificents – Funky (8) Corners/ All Platinum
Bob and Earl – Harlem Shuffle/ Marc
Jackie Lee – The Chicken/ Uni
Dyke and the Blazers – We Got More Soul/ Original Sound
Upsetter – Dub No. 1/ Black Art
King Sporty – Reggae Rock Road/ Konduko
Joe Cuba Sextet – El Pito/ Tico
Black Ivory – Mainline/ Buddah
Bobby Peterson Quintet – The Hunch/ V-Tone
J.J. Jackson – I Dig Girls/ Calla
The Voices of East Harlem – New Vibrations/ Just Sunshine
Funkadelic – Standing on the Verge of Getting It On – Westbound
Cliff Drivers Combo – Drive On/ Neptune (Newark NJ yo!)
Andre Williams – Cadillac Jack/ Chess
Joe Bataan – Shaft/ Fania
Little Sister – You’re the One/ Stone Flower
Tom Browne – Funkin’ For Jamaica/ GRP
Billy Stewart – Summertime/ Chess
Kool and the Gang – Funky Man/ De-Lite
The Intruders – Cowboys to Girls/ Ripete

I passed up on Johhny Otis “Skunk Booty”, he wanted $20 and since I was in this ordeal and my wife was patiently waiting for me while he thumbed through an ancient Goldmine, I decided to pass. If anyone has an extra copy, let me know. The record I really wanted was Wille B on Heritage. The title escapes me, but it was sweet Soul, and he was not giving it up cheap. So I passed. Ok folks, I’m off to go through these records and get ready for my DJ night tonight here in Asbury Park. Enjoy the early post of Charles Wright, and let me know how that DivShare is working on my MP3s as opposed to straight from my server. Keep Diggin’!

4 responses to “Stinkie Steve Makes an Appearance: Good Saturday Record Scores

  1. Good haul… We just got back from PA so I missed our record show by a few minutes. I’m not really up for being packed in like sardines for a few minutes of everybody’s leftovers. I’ll settle for the Guru this weekend… I’ll holler soon.

  2. Judging from this round of crate digging, you are indeed a professional, sir. That Joe Bataan is outstanding, and I imagine the Betty Davis is, too.

  3. Thanks. Steve, however crazy he is, always has good records. If you can get past the craziness, you will always find good heat. I’ve been waiting for that Joe Bataan on 45 for a while. The Skip Jackson and the Natural Experience was a great find too. It’s a sleepy disco jam that I wasn’t expecting.

  4. i have dealt with the stinker for many,many years and you only manage to touch on his inherent wackiness. he lives(lived?) in pa. but i have seen a fairly recent wanted poster for him on 100s of traffic and car abondenment charges!!tell him pa. is still looking for him-regards-mombosa

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