Flea Market Funk Saturday Night Waffle Mix

ReUp Saturday Night Waffle Mix

Since my Saturday Night residency here in Asbury Park (Rock Box Saturdays) has been postponed due to new management in the bar (I’m waiting to hear where the new place will be, rumour has it it is here is Asbury still), I decided to throw together an impromptu 45 mix, the Saturday Night Waffle Mix. I’ve got some equal helpings of heavy funk, soul, and even a lost disco groover to close out the 32 minute set. This is the first mix I’ve recorded into my new Pro Tools M Box, so we’ll see how it goes. I did it all in one take, and added an intro that I put together this past week. Here’s the tracklist:

The Boys In the Band – Sumpin Heavy/ Spring
The Mohawks – Pepsi/ Sir JJ
Crow – Gonna Leave a Mark/Amaret
Jackie Lee – The Chicken/Uni
The People’s Choice – I Likes To Do It/Phil-L.A. of Soul
Billy Stewart – Summertime/ Chess
Hank Ballard and the Midnighters – Hey There Sexy Lady/Stang
Garry Davis and the Vendors – Funk Machine/20th Century
Ike & Tina Turner and the Ikettes – I Want To Take You Higher/Liberty
Betty Davis – He Was a Big Freak/Island
Ted Taylor – Can’t Take No More/Ronn
Willie Cobb – You Don’t Love Me/Dee Jay
JJ Jackson – I Dig Girls/ Calla
The Interpretations – Soul Affection/ Bell
Dyke and the Blazers – We Got More Soul/Original Sound
Cash McCall – You Ain’t Too Cool/ Thomas
Skip Jackson and the Natural Experience – Microwave Boogie/ Catamount

I’m most definitely going to be reviewing some of these 45s in upcoming posts, and am excited about being able to do some proper mixes. For the most part I will not be editing mixes, they will be raw, all live, and more akin to what one of my live sets would be like. The only Pro Tools stuff I will be doing is most likely putting together some sound collages to open each set. I’d appreciate some feedback on this mix, it’s nothing crazy like the first mix I posted (35 records in 39 minutes!), rather some stuff I’m feeling at the moment. Two tracks stick out on this mix that I’m really digging, the first being Jackie Lee’s “The Chicken”, and Skip Jackson and the Natural Experience’s “Microwave Boogie”. This particular track was on a Kon and Amir mix called “Uncle Junior’s Fish Fry” a while back. I hadn’t heard of the track until I picked up the record. The Jackie Lee joint is pretty tough IMO, and Hank Ballard going a bit disco is migh-T-fine. My fave (and thanks to DJ Prime for turning me on to this track!) is Billy Stewart’s “Summertime”. A fresh take on an old classic. Look for that review coming this week.

Thanks to all for listening, and Keep Diggin’!

8 responses to “Flea Market Funk Saturday Night Waffle Mix

  1. Hi, just wanted to drop a line and say I enjoy your site, especially the spot-on blog on Stinky Steve. I’ve had some run-ins with him at the Edison show, plus some of the local flea markets.

    Joe Maida turned me on to your site; we tried making it over to Asbury Park a few months ago to listen to some grooves, but something happened where you weren’t playing that night.

    I think we have some mutual friends in common (Mike Pimco, Joe, etc) and a prior job/internship – I interned at Concrete Mktg from 92-93 under Anthony Muzikar. Haven’t talked to him in a while since he moved to Vernon NJ some years ago…

    Joe, Shannon, my wife and I will hopefully get over to Asbury over the Spring/Summer this year…

  2. Tommy, I believe we may know each other. I started out my internship at Concrete with Anthony ( I remember doing Stuttering John and Atomic Opera marketing calls!) , but finished up with Gabby at RetailVision, at about roughly the same time. Small world! I’d love to see you guys come out. Our next 45 Sessions is on May 11th at the Lanes. I’ve been trying to get Anthony down from his mountain getaway for sometime, I think this year is the year.

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