The Ray Charles Orchestra – Booty Butt

Ray Charles

Booty Butt 45

Ray Charles Orchestra – Booty Butt/ Tangerine 45

I’d like to thank each and everyone who’s visited this past week, as I’ve got record numbers of hits, which means I have to be doing something right. I’m hoping that everyone enjoyed my Funky Asbury Park mix, and look forward to doing another one in the next couple of weeks. Big ups to Scholar over at Souled On Music who has been sending his Souled on crew over here to FMF. Also props once again to The Step Father of Soul doin’ his thing the right way in the Dirty South. If he’s the Stepfather of Soul, his step children have been visiting my house, and for that I say thanks. Also, if you’re looking for a good read (record or imaginary record related), check out NPR’s story on the one and only Mingering Mike . I got my book last week and it’s really a good read. Check it out!

This time I’m gonna visit a legend, the man who practically invented the genre R & B, Ray Charles. I’m not gonna get too into his life and times, for that you can check out the movie “Ray”, or schlep on over to Wikipedia to get the consensus view on his life. What more can I say as a DJ and collectro that hasn’t already been said? The man has fused jazz, 50’s rock, R & B, soul, blues, gospel, hell even country all together to become an institution in the music game. Recently, PBS aired a special entitled: “Atlantic Records: The House That Ahmet Built” on it’s American Masters series. It was a brilliant piece, and the section on Charles, who speaks candidly and reminisces with Ahmet Ertung on their history together is definitely something special. If you haven’t seen it, I urge you to hit up Netflix or On Demand and check it out. It’s two hours of your life, but if you’re a music head like myself, you’ll come out of it with lots of stuff you didn’t know.

Let’s talk about this straight up funky groover of a record. Recorded in 1971, with an orchestra ( Charles was definitely comfortable with or without one ), it’s kind of out of character for him, but of course he pulls it off well. By this time he was gone from Atlantic and had moved to ABC for the money one can only surmise. His output of records was considerably different from when he and Ahmet were churning out R & B and Soul hit after hit at Atlantic. He had gone down the pop road and well, “Booty Butt” seems a bit out of the ordinary. Whatever his motivation, I’m glad he decided to put it out. It slow cooks with the piano maestro going back and forth with a funk guitar riff until it boils out some saxaphone. Throw in his trademark hollering blues style, lots of “Booty Booty” calling, spot on percussion, and Ray Charles has what we call here at Flea Market Funk: funk for days. This record is one of my favorites of Charles, and if you see this version on the Tangerine label, don’t hesitate to pick it up. I scored it for cheep (like the budgie), and I know you can too.

Let’s not forget if you’re in the Central NJ area this Friday night, run, walk, skateboard, hitchhike, or use public transportation and get down to the World Famous Asbury Lanes for gig #3 of the Asbury Park 45 Sessions. I’ll be joined of course by Funky 16 Corners , M.Fasis , Connie T. Empress, Jay Boxcar, DJ Prime, Special Guest DJ Bluewater, and a secret set possibly by none other than Don Bombard. You guys know who this cat is, he’s a walking encyclopedia of Funk and Soul, been around the turntable and on the air for a long time, and we’re lucky to have him added on at the last minute. Here’s the flyer once again:

May 11th 45 Asbury Park Sessions

For those of you who like to plan early, our next Asbury Park 45 Sessions will be on July 6th, so mark your calanders accordingly. I’m working on some new DJs from around the country to keep this party solid the whole year through. Keep Diggin’!

10 responses to “The Ray Charles Orchestra – Booty Butt

  1. Don’t forget about Prime…I’ll be driving up after work with my records!!!

  2. i never forget about you, you’re on the flyer! no jack the ripper sadly, he has some family business to take care of and had to bow out. But we always have Don Bombard off the bench.

  3. I’m glad that a lot of my peoples have taken time to pay you a visit—the attention is well-deserved. Hands down, one of the best new blogs on the net. Peace.

  4. hey man, that really means a lot to me. i appreciate the kind words and the link swaps on the regular. i’ve got a lot of stuff to share. hopefully the flea market funk family will continue to grow and enjoy it.

  5. Back when the Ray Charles orchestra was popular, I was sure I heard on the radio, or someplace, that this orchestra was NOT the famous Ray Charles, but by another person by the same name. Now on our local jazz station, when they play one of this orchestra’s numbers, they say it is indeed the famous Ray Charles. Who is correct?

    Ruth in Evv, IN

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