“Special Request” Reggae Mix

Special Request - Reggae Gems from the Vault

Greetings to the Flea Market Funk Family. This weekend I dug deep in the crates and pulled out some Reggae gems from the early to mid 70’s and all the way up until the 80’s. These particular selections are from various 45’s, 12″s, and Lp’s I’ve picked up throughout the years, and also from a huge 7″ Reggae haul I got last summer (Thanks Grant!). On this mix I tried to visit some not so popular selections by some well known Reggae legends, as well as some covers, and a few not so known artists doing some hot tracks. There is Dub, Dancehall, Roots, and even some Rocksteady, a lickle bit of it all. It clocks in at just over 55 minutes. This time I’ve included a front and back cover with the track list. “The Special Request Mix” will be leading up to my next review, which is Lee “Scratch” Perry and Junior Mervin teaming up with “Roots Train No. 1” on Black Art Records. Coincidentally, Lee Perry will be here in Asbury Park at the famous Stone Pony on June 13th. I highly recommend checking this show out. I’ve seen him before with Mad Professor, and let’s face it, he’s not getting any younger. I doubt he will be back in Asbury Park again. This is a chance to see the man who is synonymous with the word Dub. Again, a show not to be missed.

Reggae has been such a great passion of mine ever since I was young and introduced to record labels such as Studio One, Trojan, RAS, Shanachie, and of course Tuff Gong( through the music of Robert Nest Marley). There was a family friend who used to make tapes for my sister and I when we were in our teens. He had everything from Marley, to Steel Pulse, to Aswad, to Yellowman and more on these tapes. Their family ran a clamming business, and he always labeled his mixes “Live from Blackey’s Studio”. I’ll never forget that. So here’s to Chuck, and the many others who pointed me down the right path as a youth with music. Another big shout out to goes to Jah-Nee Gill from MTV’s Tempo network. He’s doin’ his ting proper. Big ups (insert airhorn here). Enjoy the “Special Request” – Reggae Gems From the Vault Vol. 1. and Keep Diggin’!

Special Request Cover
Special Request Track List Back Cover

Special Request Mix – Reggae Gems From the Vault. Mixed and Selected by DJ Prestige Live from the Flea Market Funk Studios 2007

9 responses to ““Special Request” Reggae Mix

  1. i will most certainly be going to see scratch. i’m trying to arrange a meet, so fingers crossed. glad you’re enjoying the mix. i have been wanting to do a proper reggae mix, and i finally got off my arse and did it. definitely more mixes to come like this one.

  2. sign me up for that scratch show!!! and on my day off. That my friends is a rarity.

  3. Damn, I’m glad I stopped by the ‘Market today… a cup of coffee, a bowl of kush and everything’ll be alright! Thanks much for the tunes.

  4. Thanks Vincent, glad you’re enjoying the vibes. Definitely more to come for sure. You’ve been killing it over there with your mixes. Muchas Gracias back at ya.

  5. Ran into a Rasta man at the swap meet and bought some incense – Jamaican Fruit, Black Coconut, and “Lick Me All Over” – passed on his mix CDs though, and his recommendation of the “Baby Powder” scent. Want to go back today to pick a CD up, but it’s rainin’ out here. But now I just grabbed this reggae mix – and everyting’s gonna be irie!
    DJ Prestige respect due!

  6. Thanks for the post, looking forward to listening. Here’s the setlist as best I can tell (apologies for errors) —

    Special Request Mix – Reggae Gems From the Vault. Mixed and Selected

    Dennis Alcapone-DJ’s Choice
    Steelie & Cleevie-Hard Rock
    Colin ‘Ska’ Johnson-Reggae Hustler
    I Roy-Move Up Roots Man
    Lee Van Cleef-Jam Tapa Lee Van
    Ali Stevens-Rockin’ Reggae Groove
    Dave and Ansel Collins-Double Barrel
    Lieutenant Stitchie-Ram Dance & Party
    Carlton ‘Papa’ Love-Falling In Love
    Little Lennie-Lone Cocksman
    Yellowman-To The Bump
    Pat Kelly-Whiter Shade of Tale
    Sanchez-Wild Sanchez
    Peter Metro-Hackle The Mike
    Tapper Zukie-The Bubbler
    Josey Wales-A Weh Dem Go Du
    Linton Kwesi Johnson-Reggae Sounds
    The Mighty Diamonds-Pass The Kutchie
    Little Harry-Rougher Than Rough
    Junior Mervin & Lee Perry-Roots Train No. 1
    Augustus Pablo-Thunder Clap

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