Señor Soul – The Mouse

Senor Soul

The Mouse

Señor Soul – The Mouse on Whiz 45

It looks like Summer is here a bit early this year, which can only mean one thing for me: digging. This weekend I got a triple dose of it. Funky 16 Corners and I hit up a few spots and were treated not just to good vinyl, but a great flea market experience as well. After grabbing some good Funk, Soul, Jazz, and Psych records from one of my regular dealers, we stumbled upon some beat up 45s. “I have more records in the van if you want to climb up and look”, the man said. So not being one to pass up records, I climbed right up. I should have known the guy was crazy after he said to me: “Don’t spill my wine!” Mind you it was 8:45 in the morning and his wine was in a plastic Igloo round cooler with a spigot. Then he’s throwing knives into the table the whole time I’m in the van. Thoughts of Silence of the Lambs were running through my head as I was grabbing Nina Simone, El Grand Combo, and Charles Earland records as fast as I could. From there we hit up the Ocean Grove annual flea market, where a few acetates were found from the estate of Anita Loos. I grabbed up “The Coolest Hot Pants” and some other 45s, but we’ll unearth them on another time. Also, many thanks to DJ Bluewater for lacing me with a grip (and I do mean grip) of 45s. Look for a DJ Prestige/DJ Bluewater mix very soon. He’s got a a new mix coming out shortly, so make sure you check it out. Lou is good people and knows his way around Deep Funk and Soul for sure. Good lookin’ out my brother.

A record I got from Lou is a perfect kick off to the early Summer, Señor Soul’s “The Mouse, on Whiz Records. For those who know me personally, and for those who are getting to know me through this blog , I have a hard time passing up records, especially ones that scream Soul on the label. I mean seriously, Spanish Soul? Forget about it. I am all over it. This record friends, is a side of psychedelic funky Soul, served up by some brothers who would go on to be part of a little band that you might have heard of. The band itself was comprised of Harold Brown, Howard Scott, B.B. Dickerson, Lonnie Jordan, Lee Oskar, and Chuck Miller, all who went on to be members of War. While this particular band was known for doing mostly contemporary covers (“Workin’ in a Coalmine, “It’s Your Thing”, and others), you could tell, (if not just from their crazy promo pictures), that they could and would go on to lay down some of the funkiest Latin Jazz influenced Funk, Soul and Blues tunes out of Southern California. “The Mouse” is a side that is heavy enough, but has an Psychedelic Soul feel throughout as well. These guys were on to something and what they went on to do proves my point.

This 45 starts out strong and stays strong throughout. Heavy drums paired up with some organ and piano show us why this precursor project to the multi-cultural, multi hit band War was so successful. Let’s not forget a psyched out acid Funk and Soul type groove for the entire 2:11 that could keep on going for 10 more if you had let it. The only shade of vocals is the hooting and hollering, but if I was in the same position, I’d be doing the same. This track is short, but heavy. I can’t keep from saying it . Heavy. I’m hoping this bit of Flea Market Funk holds you over until some midweek treats. And I do have treats. I got a very large haul of 45s and Lps this weekend, and have been listening/ sorting as I write this. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and Keep Diggin’!

8 responses to “Señor Soul – The Mouse

  1. I myself am pretty jealous. I had to turn down a couple of digging sessions over the past two weeks, no thanks to those no good G&E providers. Hopefully I’ll make up for that soon, but in the meantime I need to pull out my “Pata Pata” 45. I hope that these are the same guys.

  2. COOP- been a fan of yours for quite sometime. i’m glad i can finally return the favor! if you need someone to spin some funk and soul at one of your openings, i’m your man. thanks again.

  3. any of your finds from stinky? i just posted a comment under your posting about him last month. what in the world was his stint as an adult entertainer about?

  4. this weekend i did not get records from steve. i don’t know the whole story, but if you do a search in the soul strut forums there is a great post (a 5 pager i think) about steve. i try to stay away from his personal life and focus on the records, if i can ever get him to stop looking in his goldmine. i will be recording him the next time i see him though, i need him to do a flea market funk drop.

  5. do you remember the month it was in or the title. i searched through june and may with no luck. it would just be a gas to send this to some of my record pals who have been frustrated and pissed off at him lo these many years-thanks

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