Carry Out – Soul Treats For Your Ears FMF Podcast# 10

Greetings all. I’m hoping your weekend was as great as mine, I got some digging in with Stinkie Steve, DJed at the World Famous Asbury Lanes before and after the Eclectic Collective out of Boston, MA, and got some well needed rest. Fortunately, the vinyl Gods were benevolent to me this weekend, and after another long morning digging through Stinkie Steve’s boxes of goodness, I was able to come out with a decent amount of records, heavy on the Soul side. The whole time he was lecturing my wife about Yoga, healing with herbs, Transcendental Meditation, and Matt Dillon. Apparently he sold some Cuban records to Matt Dillon a while back and has been hounding Dillon to look at the 14 scripts he’s written, but alas, that is for another SS appreciation post. I could go on for days about him, but he really does always come though despite his quirkiness. This week was no different, and some of the records on this mix are from him.

What we have here, is FMF’s 10th Podcast: Carry Out – Soul Treats for Your Ears. I wanted to put down a bunch of Soul tracks I’ve been feeling lately. These range from Northern Soul to sweet, sweet Soul, and everything in between. It’s an all 45 mix, and clocks in at 45 minutes coincidentally. I was always into Soul, but as of late have really been jumping in head first and buying everything I can get my hands on. A friend recommended the Youtube video of the Wigan Casino, which I guess has pushed me to get more Soul. Larry over at Funky 16 Corners has been killing it as of late (as if he doesn’t on a regular basis), and his Chris Clark post review got the lady herself out to comment on the review. It’s songs like that, and discovering new stuff that keeps me going, and on a constant search for records. Another guy who has been turning up some gold, is the one and only Aaron Soma out of Milwaukee, WI, who has been sending me some scans of the heavy Funk and Soul he’s been digging up in the Midwest. It makes me realize that wherever you go, there are records you’ve never heard of, and of course really cool people who share them. That’s why I’m happy to share all of this music with all of you. So sit back and grab some Soul Treats For Your Ears courtesy of yours truly at FleaMarket Funk. Keep Diggin’!

Carry Out

Here’s the tracklist if you’re keeping score:

Jerry O – Soul Lover/ White Whale
Menham St. Band – Make the Road By Walking/ Dunham
Thelma Jones – Souveniers of a Heartbreak/ Barry
Tyrone Davis – Turn Back the Hands of Time/ Dakar
The Intruders – (You Better) Check Yourself/ Gamble
The Soul Clan – Soul Meeting/ Atlantic
Don Gardner – My Baby Likes To Boogaloo/ Tru-Glo-Town
Mike & the Censations – Don’t Mess With Me/ Highland
The Artistics – I’m Gonna Miss You/ Brunswick
Cody Black – Ain’t No Love Like Your Love/ Capitol
George Perkins and the Silver Stars – Cryin’ In the Streets/ Silver Fox
Ruby Andrews – Whatever It Takes to Please You/ Zodiac
Roy C. – Got To Get Enough (of Your Sweet Soul Stuff)/ Alaga
The Webs – This Thing Called Love/ Popside
Betty Swann – I Will Not Cry/ Money
The Lost Generation – You’re So Young, You’re So True/ Brunswick
Barbra Lynn – Second Fiddle Girl/ Jamie

Carry Out – Soul Treats For Your Ears FMF Podcast# 10

***Some people asked me for the track listing for the Flea Market Funk Feb 2007 Mix. Here that is:

1. Albert King – Cold Feet STAX
2. Eddie Senay – A’int No Sunshine SUSSEX
3. Tony Newman – Soul Thing PARROT
4. James Brown – Lowdown Popcorn KING
5. Southside Movement – I’ve Been Watching You WAND
6. Dorothy Moore – Here It Is MALACO
7. Sugar Billy – Super Duper Love FAST TRACK
8. Hot – Just Cause I’m Guilty BIG TREE
9. Larry Carlton – Son of a Preacher Man UNI
10. The Flaming Ember – Filet de Soul HOT WAX
11. Ray Charles Orchestra – The Booty Butt TANGERINE
12. Billy Cobham – Crosswind ATLANTIC
13. The Delegates – Funky Butt MAINSTREAM
14. Willie Hobbs – My Goodness Yes SILVER FOX
15. Betty Davis – If I’m In Luck I Might Get Picked Up JUST SUNSHINE
16. The Nite Liters – Tanga Boo Gonk – RCA
17. The Kay Gees – Who’s the Man?GANG
18. Rufus Thomas – Do the Funky Penguin Part 1 STAX
19. The Joe Cuba Sextet – Bang Bang TICO
20. Jackie Moore – Singing Funky Music Turns Me On KAVETTE
21. Dyke and the Blazers – Funky Broadway Part 1 ORIGINAL SOUND
22. Otis Redding – Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag ATCO
23. ZZ Hill – I Think I’d Do It MANKIND
24. Wet Willie – Soul Jones CAPRICORN
25. Ike & Tina Turner – Funkier Than A Mosquita’s Tweeter LIBERTY
26. Eddie Harris – Get On Down ATLANTIC (cool skip then fade out)
27. Oliver Sain – Bus Stop ABET
28. Soul Searchers – Think SUSSEX
29. Blue Mitchell – Collision in Black BLUE NOTE
30. Cold Blood – You Got Me Hummin SAN FRANCISCO
31. Wilmer Alexander Jr. & the Dukes – Get It APHRODISIAC
32. The Ambers – Soul in the Room #401 JEAN ALITHIA
33. Mighty Groove Makers – Let’s Dance Some Mo (Part 1) PEANUT COUNTRY
34. Theme from 2001 done Fuuuuuuuunkay..HOCTOR
35. Charlie Daniels – Funky Junky KAMA SUTRA

9 responses to “Carry Out – Soul Treats For Your Ears FMF Podcast# 10

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  2. Talk about killin’ it!! Damn Son, this is one hot mix. One of the things I love about your mixes are the sweet drops. And they just straight up sound fantastic, in general. About half of the mix I know and those tunes are ACE. The other half is gonna be fun to try and search out. Don’t know anything about Menham St. Band, but that jam is one groovy nugget. Dope-ass-phat-bass in that one! Every week you give me a reason to “Keep Diggin” and I thank you for that.
    Peace and SOUL,

  3. Thanks Dave. The Menham St. Band is actually new. You can get it off the Daptone site. I’d highly recommend it. I’ve been wanting to do a Soul mix for a minute, and have plenty of records to do a part 2. Thanks again for listening.

  4. Pres
    Great mix! Downloaded it and listened during breakfast this morning. I have a couple of Thelma Jones 45s, but that’s not one of them (excellent tune!).
    Nice work.

  5. Ahh, thanks for the info on Menham St. Band. Headed over to Daptone and ordered it. Hadn’t been in a while. As with most visits there to buy one thing, I ended up with a lot more records in the old virtual cart. ;-)……Thanks Brutha!


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  7. Oh yeah, nice and sweet indeed. I’ve converted a handful of the box that Rob gave me so I will definitely be all about that Sweeeet Soul. Still working on that Bad Brains. It’s in this house, I know it is…

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