FMF Vol. 12 – Puttin’ Game Down Mix

Puttin Game Down

The weekend is over, and that means one week left of Summer. I have no idea where it went, although I’m not complaining, as the Summer of 2007 was one of the best digging Summers I’ve had in a long time. I managed finally to go to the beach this past weekend, and although the air temperature was in the high 80’s, the water was a bit on the cool side. The day at the beach gave me an idea for an end of the Summer Soul Mix, so I’ve started to put it together. I’ve also got a new addition to the FMF Family, well another tattoo edition. We went to see the guys over at Electric Tattoo, and Robert Ryan did a great owl tattoo on my leg. Now this isn’t any ordinary owl, he’s perched on top of a stack of vinyl, with records kind of flying on the side, reminiscent of a favorite Memphis label of mine. The top label has a little JA flavor, but in general, this wise old owl loves his vinyl.

Owl Tattoo

For now, here’s 10 Deep Funk and Raw Soul tunes to carry you through the start of your work week. Enjoy “Puttin’ Game Down”, an all 45 mix.

$mall Change – Steviano Italiano/ Bastard Boots Nuggets
The Detroit Night Riders – Getting Funky/ Mutt
Delores Ealy – Delores Ealy Is Back With Jerome & His Band/ Re-Joint
Clarence Reid – Nobody But You Babe/ Alston
Osibisa – Wango Wango/ Decca
Luther Ingram – Puttin’ Game Down/ KoKo
The Emperor’s – Karate/ Mala
Maurice Rogers – Coming Out of the Rain/ Double Shot
The Esquires – Get On Up/ Bunky
The True Reflection – Whisper/ ATCO

Listen or Download FMF Vol. 12 – “Puttin’ Game Down”

Enjoy and Keep Diggin’!

6 responses to “FMF Vol. 12 – Puttin’ Game Down Mix

  1. thanks dave. your mix over at scholar’s was SPOT ON! i listened to it all day friday at work. i love that the esquires are on Bunky Records. Kills me every time.

  2. God Rob’s work is some of the best. Just stumbled upon your site by accident. I noticed the butterfly first did he happen to do that too as below is one of my many Rob tattoos and I noticed a similarity

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