R.I.P. Bobby Byrd plus The Asbury Park 45 Sessions 09.14.07

Bobby Byrd RIP

This week has been particularly tough on the music world, especially in the area of Funk, Soul, and Jazz. We lost three big guns at once, so raise a glass to these fine gentlemen who made our music world a better place. Willie Tee, a New Orleans music staple and legend, Jazz great Joe Zawinul, and finally James Brown collaborator and all around Funk and Soul legend Bobby Byrd. I want to pay my respects to a man who partnered up with JB and brought that Gospel sound they both loved to the next level. A great singer and musician in his own right, Byrd also fostered the career of Vicki Anderson, and played a significant part in shaping the sound of Funk and Soul as it is. Rest In Peace Brother Bobby. You will be missed greatly. Check out:

Keep On Doin 45

Bobby Byrd – Keep On Doin’ What You’re Doin’ from the Brown Stone 45

Now we’re just a day away from the all out 45 assault here in Asbury Park. As I sit here sulking a bit trying to figure out why my Tyrone Ashley and His Funky Music Machine’s 45 “Let Me Be Your Man” on PhiLA of Soul skips (anyone have a spare copy?), I’m putting the finishing touches on some mixes I will be giving away at the show. This Session is going to be special: WE ARE GOING TO BE DOING THE DO L-I-V-E on the internet baby! Now, if you can not make it down (i strongly urge you to do so if you’re within the driving distance), you’ll be able to listen at Jam Now!, with archived mp3 files for the slow pokes. It’s definitely going to be a special night, with really great music, great DJs, and an overall great vibe. Oh did I mention the heat that will be brought? Every single one of the residents and special guests has heat in their little boxes, the likes that you just won’t hear just anywhere. By the next sessions we will have a pre-game if you will, with interviews of the DJs and more. That should be a lot of fun. So what are you waiting for? Check this night out! See you all Friday night. Keep Diggin’!

sept 2007 45 sessions


One response to “R.I.P. Bobby Byrd plus The Asbury Park 45 Sessions 09.14.07

  1. I’m having my record box fitted with an asbestos lining, and then packing that in dry ice.
    Then I’m carrying it in with tongs.
    That’s the kind of heat I’m talking about.
    The hot kind.
    Hot heat, of the 45 variety.

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