09.14.07 Asbury Park 45 Sessions Recap/ Live Set Download

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After a long, and I do mean long night of 45 madness, I’m happy to say the September ’07 edition of the 45 Sessions was a great success. The music was heavy, the crowd was large, and knowledge was dropped from all the DJs throughout the evening. If you weren’t there, the good people at Jam Now! have our sets archived for your listening pleasure. Now broadcasting over the internet can be a bit dodgy at best, but Jason from Jam Now! was on hand, and really hooked it up. These guys are professionals, and the sound quality for the night is really top notch. I listened several times as we were broadcasting live and it sounded great. As with any live event, nothing ever goes smoothly (there were a few skips, open fader back cues, and a metal 45 cone getting stuck to the turntables; wedged until we had to lube it with lube from the bowling machines to get it off), but the night was spot on. All the DJs delivered the heat as promised, and both of the guests had the crowd and the resident selectors rushing up to the tables to see just what records were being spun. You see, inevitably some of us have the same records, that just happens in the digging world. However, alll 8 of the DJs have their own signature sound, and that makes this night what it is. You know the record is hot when the rest of the DJs get up to see just what the hell the record is, and what we need to put on our want lists. Vincent the Soul Chef did just that. Dropping hot drum break after hot drum break plus a really great selection of sides, he had the dance floor moving, and heads nodding. DJ Save1 got Larry Grogan out of his seat (as well as all of us) more than once to see exactly he had brought down from Providence, RI. Then there was the 45 birthday cake (surprise, surprise) for Larry Grogan, Jack the Ripper’s blood exploding end of set, Connie T.’s tribute to Bobby Byrd, M.Fasis’s kick off set, my gentleman dapper Funk and Soul set with the suit on, and DJ Bluewater once again killing them with HEAVY drums and the sweetest, sweetest Soul. A big shout out to Bob Shannon from WCBS FM in New York City for MCing a little bit and for playing one record that had us all jumping up and down: “The Dog”, by Jimmy McCracklin. Don’t sleep on this guy, he has got 45 heat on the down low. He knows his stuff. He will be the MC for the November Sessions, which tentatively is November 30th. Mark your calander. Here’s my set list for the night and some photos. I need some serious sleep. More set lists as they roll in. Keep Diggin’!

DJ Prestige all dapper and shit

DJ Prestige Set List for 09.14.07

King Curtis and the Kingpins – Whole Lotta Love/ ATCO
$mall Change – Steviano Italiano/ Bastard Boots Nuggets
The Vibrettes – Humpty Dump/ Lujon reissue
Wee Willie Mason – Funky Funky (Hot Pants)/ Jaywalking
Rufus Thomas – Sophisticated Sissy/ Stax
Donald Austin – Crazy Legs/ Eastbound
Chet “Poison Ivey” & his Fabulous Avengers – Shake a Poo Poo/ Tangerine
Joe ‘Youngblood” Cobb – It’s L.B. Time/ exSPECTmore
Soul Tornadoes – Go for Yourself/ Burt
The Sweet Cherries – Don’t Give It Away/ T-Neck
Wilbur Bascomb & the Zodiacs – Just A Groove In “G”/ Carnival
Linda Perry & Soul Express feat. Eddie Billups – I Need Someone/ Mainstream
Bohannon – The Fat Man/ Dakar
The Tremelos – Instant Whip/ CBS
Dorothy Norwood – Get Aboard the Soul Train/ GRC
General Crook – Do It For Me/ Down to Earth
Barbara & the Uniques – What’s the Use/ Arden
James Brown – Hot (I Need To Be Loved, Loved, Loved)/ Polydor
Sammy Gordon & the Hip Huggers – Upstairs at Boston Road Pt. 1/ Archives
Dyke & the Blazers – Let A Woman Be A Woman/ Original Sound
Tyrone Davis – Turn Back the Hands of Time/ Dakar
Lee Eldred – Shackin’ Baby Pt. 1/ Mercury
Soul Sisters – I Can’t Stand It/ Sue
Edwin Starr – Agent Double O-Soul/ Ric-Tic

M.Fasis in Deep Thought

MFasis Playlist

Jose Miguel Class
– Mientros el Mundo Duevine (BMC)
Dynasty – Adventures In the Land of Music (Solar)
Meters – Cissy Strut (Virgo)
Dramatics – Gimme Some Good Soul Music (Volt)
Rasputins Stash – Freaks, Players (Atco)
Joe Simon – Cleopatra Jones Theme (Spring)
Leslie West – Long Red (Windfall)
Five Stairsteps – Don’t Change (Curtom)
Ojays – Give the People (PI)
James Brown – Funky President (Polydor)
Johnny Barfield & the Men of S.O.U.L. – Soul Butter (SSS Intl)
John Phillip Soul & his Stone Marching Band – That Memphis Thing (Pepper)
Bill Doggett – Honky Tonk (King)
Hugo Montenegro – Theme from the Good the Bad & the Ugly (REA)
Mardi Gras – If I Can’t Have You (Map City)
Lonnie Youngblood – Super Cool (Turbo)
Status Quo – Pictures of Matchstick Men (Cadet Concept)
Brooklyn People – Peace and Love (Cheri)
Buari – Kavan Bani (RCA)
El Chicano – Satisfy Me Woman (Kapp)

Connie T. Empress Says “You Can Do It!”

Jack the Ripper Jumps…and then bleeds. Just what every mother wants for their baby.
JTR Jumps
JTR Bleeds

Larry Grogan and his Birthday Cake
F16 Cake
LG time baby!
Funky 16 Corners Playlist

Roy Budd – Get Carter (Pye Reissue)
Incredible Bongo Band – Bongolia (MGM)
Fatback Band – Goin’ To See My Baby (Perception)
Louis Chachere – The Hen Pt1 (Paula)
Geraldo Pino – Heavy Heavy Heavy (Suzumi)
David Batiste & the Gladiators – Funky Soul Pt1 (Instant)
Bobby Byrd – Hot Pants – I’m Coming (BrownStone)
Bob Seger & the Last Heard – Heavy Music Pt1 (Cameo/Parkway)
Guitar Ray – Patty Cake Shake (Hot Line)
Johnny Jones & the King Casuals – It’s Gonna Be Good (Brunswick)
War – Me and Baby Brother (UA)
Steve Colt – Dynamite (Big Beat)
Cher – I Walk On Guilded Splinters (Atco)
Shadows of Knight – Shake (Team)

Vincent the Soul Chef whips up some of his FuFu Stew
Vincent the Soul Chef’s Playlist

Rick James – My Mama/ A & M
Bobby Williams – Soul PArty Part 1./ Rew
Alvin Cash – Philly Freeze/ Marvlus
King Curtis – Changes Pt. 2/ ATCO
Soul Searchers – Blow Your Whistle/ Sussex
GT + 4 – Bingo/ Groovy
Johnny Robinson – Funky Feet/ Epic
Isley Brothers – Wild Little Tiger/ Atlantic
Willie Mitchell – That Driving Beat/ Hi
Ace Cannon – Soul For Sale/ Hi
Mod Squad – Charge/ Tangerine
Superlatives – I Don’t Know How/ Westbound
Parliament – The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg/ Revilor
Bobby Byrd – I Know You Got Soul/ King
Dynamic Tints – Rose Marie/ Twinight
Sandpebbles – Forget It/ Calla
Cliff Nobles & Co. – Switch It On/ Phil LA of Soul
Jimmy Castor – D-R-Y/ Smash
Alvin Cash – Alvin’s BAg/ Toddlin Town
Jimmy Smith – Cat in A Tree/ Verve
Jack McDuff – Let My People Go/ Cadet
Joe Zawinul – Soul of A Village/ Vortex

Bob “The Dog” Shannon and Vincent the Soul Chef
Bob the Dog Shannon

DJ Save1 reps Providence, RI, and I quote: “It’s fucking beautiful!”

DJ Save1 Set List

Count Yates – At the soul inn pt.1 (New Bag)
Slim Willis Band – I sayed that (Reginald)
Jake Wade and The Soul Searchers – Searching For Soul Pt.1 (Mutt)
Thunder and Lighting – bumpin bus stop (private stock)
Wayne Carter – Mad Mouth Women (Mootreys)
Barrabas – Women (RCA)
The Beginning Of the end – Come Down Baby (Alston)
The Soul President – Got to have it (Big Mack)
Della Reese – It was a good year (ABC)
Lee Moses – Reach out, i’ll be there (Musicor)
Sir Guy – Funky Virginia (D.P.G.)
Lee Fields – She’s A Love Maker (Norfolk Sound)
Little Man and The Inquires – Funky Breakdown (Cu-Wu)
The Blue Grass – P.O.W. (B.N.M)
Rufus Thomas – It and Scratch pt.1 (Stax)
Brother Jack McDuff – Obligetto (Blue Note)
Dawn Penn – You Don’t Love Me (Coxsone)
James Brown – Talkin’ Loud and saying nothing pt.1 (King)
Renaldo Domino – Let me come within (Twnight)
The Charms – Soul Women (Estill)
Barbara Lynn – I’m A Good Woman (Tribe)
The J.B.’s – The Grunt pt.1 (King)

DJ Bluewater and his new Soundburger, He DJs, peddles records, and macks.

DJ Bluewater Set

Sound Stylistics – The Players Theme – (Freestyle 7033)
Funkshone – Soul Food – (Skyline 004)
Mickey and The Soul Generation – Football (Miles Edit) – (Alatac 101)
Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings – Im Not Gonna Cry – (Daptone 1031)
Barbara Acklin – Am I The Same Girl – (Brunswick 55399)
Inell Young – What Do You See In Her – (Libra 101)
Jean Wells – What Have I Got To Lose – (Calla 157)
Harvey and The Phenomenals – Soul and Sunshine – (Da-Wood 7200)
Black Cat – Kingston Cardova – (Peripheral 01)
L. Charmers – Look Ka Py Py – (Sir JJ 03)
Charles Bradley & Menaham Street Band – The World – (Dunham 102)

Sound Burger

Asbury Lanes Crowd
crowd 1\

13 responses to “09.14.07 Asbury Park 45 Sessions Recap/ Live Set Download

  1. Just like my uncle would say: good times were had by all… Thank you all once more for the hospitality and for liking my records. Remember, I learned it watching you!!!I’ll have my recap and a new mix up tomorrow.

    Peace and blessings.

  2. you should of heard the dj at the wedding I was attending…Man I wish I was in Asbury on friday night….

  3. There’s some great tracks being played there. A mate of mine is trying to talk me into visiting the States sometime next year, we’ll have to try and stop by.

  4. Great job by all. Listened live for a little from out here in Cali…checking archived version right now. Thanks for getting this gigs up on the internet, man! I’ve been wondering what they sounded like.

  5. cool. glad you were feeling it. my set is buried after vincent’s and save1’s set on my archive link. i put my set in it’s entirety on the page for D/L. thanks again for checking it out. cheers-

  6. thanks for everyone’s concern. it wasn’t as bad as it looked and I only needed ten stitches.

  7. btw, on the JamNow site the sets are mis-labeled. The one marked as “Prestige” is Save1’s set. But I’m not complaining. Otherwise, they seem to be doing a good job.

  8. once again thanks for having me out their. all the dj’s really chill. Respect to Dj Prestige for the work he puts in and finding a great venue for a great soul night. Props to making it only 45’s. I will be planning on making my way out their again this winter, hopefully with my man Joe Ro.

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