The Hollywood Persuaders – Drums-A-Go-Go

The Hollywood Persuaders – Drums-A-Go-Go from the Original Sound 45

And now for something completely different. While digging deep at the last Groovy Productions show, I came upon this little gem. My good man Larry over at Funky 16 Corners told me I might dig it. Well he was right I did dig it. I remember hearing this tune way back in the 90’s when Natural Born Killers Mickey and Mallory were terrorizing the country with killing sprees on the big screen at the beginning of the real reality TV blitz. Now they may have been just a figment of Oliver Stone’s imagination running away with him, but this very record is most definitely not. Every once in a while I like to throw a curve ball in, and this is one of them. When I think of drums, well I think of some nice open drums, a good heavy hitting drum break, a break that makes me pick up the needle and go, wtf? I need to get two copies of this thing! This record, sadly, is not something I’m rushing out to get two copies of, however, there is something strangely fascinating with it, and for that reason, here it is up on the platter for review this Friday. Check out Hollywood Persuaders with “Drums A Go Go” on Original Sound Records.

Here’s a side I don’t really know too much about honestly. I know that it was written/ produced by the legendary Paul Buff. Buff founded and ran Pal Studios, (as well as played a variety of instruments, some which can be heard on Zappa records), the very same studio that was bought by Frank Zappa years later, only to be renamed Studio Z. Artists would get “the Pal Sound”, a sound that was different because of his experience, as well as the size of the studio itself (an smaller alternative offering to the large major label studios of the early 60’s). During his time at Pal, he recorded Surf music by artists like the Chantays and the Surfaris, but also put out sides by the Penguins among others. It was here he recorded this very record. Now a young Frank Zappa played guitar on some Pal recordings, I can not be sure 100% that he played on this record. It’s a good possiblity he did, but if there are any Zappa experts out there that can confirm it, hit me up. Buff worked at Original Sound after he sold Pal, still recording bands like Strawberry Alarm Clock and Sugar Loaf. From there he’d move to Nashville, and start up a photographic lighting company called White Lightning. He is still involved with that business today and is quite successful in that field.

The title of this record doesn’t lie. There are drums in it. It’s a Surf/Garage/ Go Go blitzkrieg going on at all times. The reoccurring organ definitely fits right in with the upbeat drums. I can see why Stone chose this thing for a serial killing flick, it’s perfect for a chase scene. Speaking of serial killers (I keed I keed), this is definitely a record that would be in Jack the Ripper’s 45 box more than it would be mine. His reputation for dirty, filthy grinding Funk, Rock, and Garage records goes without precedent in this area. That being said, this record could be classified as a titty shaker as well, and I’m sure if you’re DJing a burlesque party the dancers would have no problem moving to this thing. I like to keep an open mind here at FMF, and I’m hoping you do too. Keep Diggin’! ( I always am).

4 responses to “The Hollywood Persuaders – Drums-A-Go-Go

  1. Nice one!
    You know I love this track. Only own it on a comp lp but the 45 has been on my hit list for a while. I played in on the radio show in the past.
    I’ll track one down soon enough.

  2. I love this track!! I spent hours stumbling around this silly wordpress trying to teach myself so I can help the old dog………
    I got Divshare, the Links Work, now its on to converting the vinyl

  3. Hey there!
    I’m a Zappa expert: he is not on this record, but he wrote and played on “Grunion Run”, and he was the engineer/productor for a couple of other songs by The Hollywood Persuaders!

    Take Care! šŸ™‚

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