Subzero Digs and Fleamarket Wisdom

DJ Prime samples some goodies in freezing weather

It’s getting to be that time of year. The weather is finally turning cold, and these days are what separate the people who are serious about vinyl, and well, those who like to talk about it nonchalantly. It’s cold out, and the hardcore guys are there. Not to say I’m any better than you, because we’re both a bunch of record nerds. I think record digging puts us just above Star Wars geeks and HAM radio enthusiasts on the nerd factor chart. You talk about getting up before it’s light and wading through someone else’s shit to get of all things, records (do they still make them?), and you’re looked upon like the guy who’s still using a rotary phone to win a contest from terrestrial radio. I guess that’s a little better than dressing up as Jar Jar Binks and learning Klingon. But I digress, it was cold this morning, and my man DJ Prime met me out at the spot. We happened upon a few good vendors with records. The Old Man had a stash for me, and what I didn’t take, Prime snatched up. We hit a lady who told us she had tons of potato chip tins full of 45s (which were her personal collection)at home. Here we settled for unsleeved plastic totes. You may be wondering how 45s can fit in potato chip (or crisps as my UK friends would have it) tins. She was referring to Charles Chips tins. When I was a kid, the Charles Chips guy came by the house once a week and delivered chips and pretzels in tins, which I honestly haven’t though about in years. Thanks old lady. She offered up all 45s at 5 for a buck, and we loaded up on Funk and Soul. Prime got a great Light My Fire cover version by Charles Wright. Definitely well worth it. All in all, it was kind of sparse today, but I mean I got there quite early, and Prime and I did a couple of laps around to make sure we found the vinyl before we left thankfully. Egg Beard was lurking around, and he was eyeballing us sampling on our portables. It looked like he wasn’t able to find anything, isn’t that a shame. The Wine Guy faked me out with an empty Chico Hamilton sleeve, while Half Cigar Guy, finally made an appearance after about 6 months. He had no records, but I did hear him say he was gonna “Fuck somebody up today”, which is always funny. Flea market fights are great, and I’ve witnessed a bunch. Next time I will hopefully take some video to post. It’s like bum fights, but most of these guys are coherent. This brings me to the part about flea market wisdom. There’s always a variety of people at the market who have all kinds of advice for you. You know, like buy the herbs they’re selling for vitality, or the shea butter cream that’s boiling in the summer sun will take years off of your life, or even advice on why you should shave your beard (because I look too Muslim). Today, some chap was offering medical advice of all things. He was serious, despite the various children’s toys and a table that looked like the merchandise was stolen from a dumpster on the way in. This man was dispensing flea market prescriptions, and while they were not real prescriptions, he was certainly the MD for the day. Here’s a list of the subzero digs for this morning:

Linda Jones – I’ll Be Sweeter Tomorrow/ Neptune
Billy Sha-Rae – Do It/ Spectrum
Jimmy Castor – Psycho Man/ Capitol
Paul J. Middlebrook – Run It Down To Me/ Circle City
Wilson Pickett – Mama Told Me Not To Come/ Atlantic
Wilson Pickett – Engine Engine Number 9/ Atlantic
Rudy Love & the Love Family – Ain’t Nothin’ Spooky/ Calla
The Isley Brothers – I Wanna Be With You/ T Neck
The Isley Brothers – I Need You So/ T Neck
The Isley Brothers – It’s Too Late/ T Neck
Donald Byrd – Think Twice/ Blue Note
John Blair – Hey Root People/ A&R
Otis Redding – Chained and Bound/ Volt
New York City – I’m Doin’ Fine Now/ Chelsea
Donny Hathaway – I’ll Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know/ ATCO
James Brown – Think/ w/ Something o(n the B Side)/ Polydor
The Originals – The Bells/ SOUL
Johnny Taylor – Who’s Making Love/ Stax
Martha Reeves – Power of Love
Delfonics – I Told You So/ Philly Groove
Ramsey Lewis – Slipping Into Darkness/ Columbia
Olympic Runners – Grab It/ London
Tyrone Davis – Turn Back the Hands of Time/ Dakar
Bloodstone – Everybody Needs Love/ London
The Impressions – Sooner or Later/ Curtom
Chairman of the Board – Finders Keepers/ Invictus
The Shirelles – 20th Century Rock & Roll/ Scepter
The Dells – Closer/ Cadet
Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Band – Loveland/ Warner Brothers
ZZ Hill – Chokin’ Kind/ Mankind
Nazz – Open My Eyes/ SGC
The Triumph of Man presented by Travelers Insurance Company
Student Records for voix et images de France Lesson 1 & 2

Keep Diggin’!

9 responses to “Subzero Digs and Fleamarket Wisdom

  1. It’s a later Calla side (the green label that looks like Coca Cola writing). it’s a nice little number. I agree with you as well, Calla is definitely slept on. I even have a Bob Marley on Calla. Good times Todd.

  2. Yeah, there are lots of great releases on Calla, including some cool one-offs. Johnny Thunder’s “I’m Alive” and “3-2-1-Ah” by Los Canarios are two top examples.

  3. AHHH I see you got “Open Your Eyes”, I love the lyrics to that cut. Philly Band!!! they have a story behind em 3-4 full length then their studio/Rehearsal space caught on fire with equipement late one night-TS & I always laugh that they probably were drunk or stoned or both.
    That was the end of the Nazz
    I would of knocked ya over for that or maybe cried real tears till you gave it to me.
    “Half Cigar” is that “Cancer Face”? the guy who has about a “million” 45 that you know you dug through just about as many times

    I love that freezin’ hand, leavin in the dark, cold day dig

  4. no half cigar is not cancer face. cancer face wears the old philadelphia stars USFL hat. i’ve got a few from that cat in the past as well, although most of his records suck ass. half cigar hasn’t been around for a while, he’s a way shady cat too, but i’ve turned up a few records from him.

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