Fat Owl Mix: FMF Podcast #19

After a long weekend of digging/ writing, and a bit of relaxing, I’m excited at the latest edition of the Fleamarket Funk Mix Series, Podcast Nineteen: Fat Owl Mix. It is a curious blend of Deep Funk and Soul right here from the crates of Fleamarket Funk. If you listen closely, you’ll hear a shout out from the one and only Connie T. Empress, plus a healthy portion of 45’s, all hand picked by yours truly. There are some definite groovers, as well as a strong finish of Sweet Soul from Buffalo, NY, all alongside some sides you may or may not know. I managed to get my hands on another Witches and the Warlock side, as well as a cut I’ve been holding back for a while, one Bobby Wilson on Chain. The styrene is so thin I’m afraid I’m gonna break it every time I play it, but I couldn’t flip through my “to do” box anymore without including it. It just had to be put in a mix. The Chocolate Syrup record is a fave of mine as of late, even though the side I wanted to put on the mix skips at the very last verse (I’m in the works at minting up, so we’ll see how it goes). The Leonard (Lil’ Man) Kaigler side reminds me of a young Michael Jackson, and how can you go wrong with a young Mike sound alike? This mix is more on the Soul side, but it’s enjoyable none the less. I’m busy working away on the 4th and Kingsley Soul Club night at Asbury Lanes on December 21st, where we’ll be welcoming The Budos Band in the house, as well as Larry from Funky 16 Corners and myself spinning some Funky Soul 45s before, in between and after their sets. Go over to his spot in the blogosphere and pick up his new mix as well. As per usual, it’s spot on. It’s gonna be a great kick off to another unique night in Asbury Park, so keep your eyes and ears out for more information. For now, enjoy the mix!

Fat Owl Mix: FMF Podcast#19 Tracklist

Brenda & the Tabulations – Scuse Uz Y’All/ Top and Bottom
Eddie Floyd – Woodman/ Stax
Leonard (Lil’ Man) Kaigler – I Think It’s A Big One Coming/ Sunburst
Tamiko Jones – Ya Ya/ CTI
Witches and the Warlock – Behind Locked Doors/ Sew City
Gloria Taylor – Grounded Part 1/ Silver Fox
The Show Stoppers – Ain’t Nothin’ But A House Party/ Heritage
John Roberts – Sophisticated Funk/ Duke
Georgie Fame – Beware the Dog/ Epic
Crosstown Express – Just Keep the Funk/ Pee Zee
Bobby Wilson – Anything (That You Want)/ Chain
Chocolate Syrup – The Goodness of Love/ IRA Records
Bob and Gene – I Can Be Cool/ Mo Do

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Keep Diggin’!

4 responses to “Fat Owl Mix: FMF Podcast #19

  1. Yo, Yo! Killin’ mix! That Brenda and The Tabs get down is SUPERB. Can’t believe it, but I’ve never heard that Eddie Floyd tune. Had me crackin’ up. I may be way off base in making this comparison but something about that Lil’ Man tune, which is fantastic, that as well as Michael Jackson, gives me a New Edition-“Candy Girl” kinda vibe as well. Perhaps an influence. And I can’t get enough of “Just Keep The Funk!” I’ll definitely be on a search for that one.

    As usual, the Master class of mixology you’ve been laying down lately made another Monday…not just another boring MONDAY!

    Peace and SOUL,

  2. yeah thank larry for finally helping me get the brenda and the tabs joint as well as the georgie fame, which i ended up digging up in the field again on saturday.

    thanks for the kind words man, i’m trying to do my thing, glad you’re enjoying it!

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