Mighty Groove Makers – Let’s Dance Some Mo (Part 1)

The creator of the Norfolk Sound, Frank Guida

Mighty Groove Makers – Let’s Dance Some Mo’ Part 1 from the Peanut Country Records 45

Here we go again. Before I get into this rather obscure East Coast side, I’d like to plug the upcoming Asbury Park 45 Sessions, which will have the usual line up, plus a very special guest. He’ll be traveling quite a long way to be with us, and I’m pretty excited for him to be a part of the show. Conn Shawnery from Afro Kats Records will be in the house. Coming straight from Quebec, Canada, this indy Funk and Soul Label has been making a lot of noise as of late, and we’re excited and honored to have him with us. Check out the flyer here. What I have today is kind of a short post, as I really do not know too much about this side. I picked it up for a quarter a bunch of years ago and have not played it out too, too much. The styrene is thin and well, I am actually afraid it might take a turn for the worse if I over play it. I’ve seen it on E Bay (not expensive, not that cheap) and on Craig Moerer and the Rare Soul Man in the neighborhood of 80 bucks or 40 British Pounds. In fact, I once DJed a Soul Strut party in Brooklyn with DJ Iron Monkey and somebody got to talking about this record like it was a rare one. I said: “I have it in my box right now”. Why didn’t you play it the guy asked? Honestly, I had played a bunch of heaters, and well, I just didn’t get to it. No special reason. Of course I got the NYC stink eye and that was that. Maybe my Nike Dunks weren’t cool enough, who knows? At any rate, I’m gonna shout out Iron Monkey. He’s in California and I’d love to have him come and spin some 45s, the man has bottomless Deep Funk and Soul for days. Hit me up Adrian if you’re around. Here’s what I know about Mighty Groove Makers “Let’s Dance Some Mo (Part 1)” on Peanut Country Records. (PC 1003) for those that want to get technical.

Peanut Country Records was just one of the many labels formed by Bronx transplant and all around music guru Frank Guida. Creator of the Norfolk Sound, owner of Frankies Birdland and Frankie’s Got It Record Shops in Norfolk, Virginia, this man is the most famous record producer/ song writer/ record shop owner you never heard of. Founding an incredible more than 20 record labels, that were diverse in sound, it’s evident in musical history that many artists and producers borrowed from Guida to add to their own thing they had going on. From George Martin to Bruce Springsteen to Gary US Bonds, everyone loved the Norfolk Sound. He has a ton of songwriting credits, the most famous being “If You Want To Be Happy”, which I can remember blaring from a Philadelphia station on the oldies nights with Jerry Blavet my Father used to listen to. Guida was producing from 1955 to the late 1980’s, and has been a permenant fixture in the Eastern Virginia hotbed of music. He was known for using all local musicians and the sound of his recordings still stands out today. It’s said that Motown ripped off his sound, whether it’s true or not I do not know. I do know that the Guida way changed Rock and Roll for sure, putting out artists like Bonds, Daddy G, Jimmy Soul, and the Church Street Five. His most well know record labels were Legrand, S.P.Q.R., Romulus, and Peanut Country, which this side is on.

“Let’s Dance Some Mo’ ” is a really great upbeat side. It’s obviously a James Brown knock off, with an unknown musician giving a James-esque call and response and saying things like: “It’s so nice, we gotta do it twice!”. Let’s go a little deeper, is it really a knock off? Guida has claimed Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag was a direct rip off of the Norfolk Sound, so could it be the Godfather was another to borrow from the greatest unknown record producer in history? That went to the grave with Guida in May of this past year. What I do dig about this side is that the organ, guitar, and drums really smoke all together on this cut. It’s sides like this that make me shout: WE NEED THIS TYPE OF MUSIC TODAY! This record is from the heart, and oozes the blood, sweat, and tears of true Funk musicians. I definitely enjoyed sharing this side, and I’ll see you soon with another nugget from the FMF vaults. Keep Diggin’!

7 responses to “Mighty Groove Makers – Let’s Dance Some Mo (Part 1)

  1. This song is the JAM! I really wish more bands were making music like this these days. Deep funk/soul DJ nights seem to be popular enough that people would die for live bands doing it.
    You should check out Lefties Soul Connection. They’re the only current band I know of that’s getting close to the mark.

  2. I could only wish that more live bands had that kind of vibe. I dig LSC as well, but I definitely believe that labels like Daptone and bands like the Budos, Dap Kings, El Michels Affair, Poets of Rhythm and a bunch more all do it well. I’d love to have LSC come play one of my nights.

    The everyday Joe Schmo unfortunately digs the mainstream, that’s why i fight so hard to keep this music alive. Thanks for checking out the blog. Cheers-

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  4. I found a good copy of this among over 1,000 other’s in Richmond baby. One big difference, it’s on the label SPEIDEL, not Peanut Country—does that make it any rarer?

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