Tony Tuff – Run Come Come

Tony Tuff – Run Come Come from the Scorcher 45

I got a nice haul of Reggae 7″ as of late. i’ve been stockpiling a lot of Jamaican 45s, and I think I’ve got enough to do a second Special Request Reggae Mix Part 2. I haven’t been the guy who has been consistently hauling down vinyl from the motherland though. DJ Prime has been cleaning up in that area, and according to him, our boy King Bravo has been coming through like and herbsman with the chalice, although this time with great records. I am going to get into this side by Tony Tuff on Scorcher Records, “Run Come Come”.

Born Winston Morris in Kingston, Jamaica in 1955, this Reggae legend would start of singing along side Sugar Minott in The African Brothers. The band would produce such hits as “Lead Us Heavenly Father” and “Righteous Kingdom”, before they would eventually break up in 1978. After Minott would move to Studio One (where he would go on to have a successful career), Tony Tuff would be move on to be the leader of the Soul Syndicate Band and embark on a solo career by 1980. Tuff would release records produced by Sugar Minott (Presenting Tony Tuff), and recorded by Yabby You (One Big Family). These sides would be popular on the UK Reggae scene. He would then move on to become a member of the Volcano Hi Fi Sound System run by Henry “Junjo” Lawes. The Sound System would boast such notables as Barrington Levy, Josey Wales, Yellowman, and Little John. Not bad company for a Roots guy, who now was changing to his style to Dancehall. He’d go on to have success in the genre with hits like “Water Pumpee” and “Come Fe Mash It” (my personal favorite). He scored a few hits in the 90’s, running the Reggae tour circuit and performing worldwide as a Reggae legend.

When I first put the needle on this side, I knew I had heard this riddim before in an Augustus Pablo side “Zion Dub”. This Roots side is all you can ask for in a classic Reggae side. Boasting all that you can do with Roots music and Reggae itself, this line sums up the whole song: “Sweet Roots music, you can never refuse it.” This is the kind of record I will buy all day every day. It’s hard to come by, but whenever I see stuff like this, I automatically pick it up. I want to shout out the one and only Pete Pederson for passing on a nice pile of 7″s, which included this very side. Good looking out my man. I’ll be back on Friday with some more gems. Keep Diggin’!

7 responses to “Tony Tuff – Run Come Come

  1. i’m in..give me the details jackie. i’ve reupped the file. there are some crazy things going on with my board, we’ll see what’s up later tonight. cheers. file should be ok right now.

  2. i read about those details on your site, i’m digging the whole thing.

    the crazy things happening with my mackie board (or so i thought) have worked themselves out. now if i could only get my ripping software to cooperate…thanks for checking me out. cheers-

  3. Thank you, Pres.
    I’m always heavily inspired by your stuff. Right now we are re-releasing all our early mixes which contain not too much exciting stuff. But I’d be glad seeing you stay tuned. If it’s ok to you, I’ll add you to our blogroll.

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