Heavy Rain= Lazy Saturday

DJ Mr. Supreme and DJ Sureshot wax poetic about records from the short film Vinyl Junky

What I hoped would turn out to be a half way decent day digging, ended up in the shitter as some sort of Nor’easter blew through town these last few days. There was some sun, but it was still wet all over, and I didn’t feel like going to the Spot, only to have Stinkie Steve be the only cat with vinyl. I’d be there all day in that case. The rain wasn’t all that bad (except for the constant leak in my loft). It did give me some time to finish up a Guest mix I’d been working on for the cats over at the The Hook and Sling. Go pay them a visit, Hopping John the Popcorn and King Mr. Doubledown throw a bang of a party across the pond. Hopefully the mix will be up in the coming weeks.

I came across an interesting short film about Shane “DJ Sureshot” Hunt. He’s one half of the Sharpshooters with DJ Mr. Supreme out of the Pacific Northwest (Seattle, WA to be exact). Supreme is always a solid contributer to Soul Strut, and he is a seasoned digger and producer as well. The film itself is well done, and has some really great records throughout, plus a dope original soundtrack. It’s called Vinyl Junky. To be perfectly honest, aren’t we all? Shouts out to those cats holding it down on the Upper Left Coast. Go see Mr. Supreme when he comes to your town, because he will eventually. I’d like to hook up with them, they know their way around records, and have been doing it 20 years plus. I’m gonna get that French press going with some fresh roasted coffee from The Roastery here in Asbury, and torture myself with another Liverpool match. What can I say, I’m a glutton for punishment. Have a great weekend, and see you all on Monday with some straight up goodness. Keep Diggin’!

One response to “Heavy Rain= Lazy Saturday

  1. Shane “DJ Sureshot” Hunt here saying what’s up? and you have a dope site! Thanks for the kind words about “Vinyl Junky”. That film is a few years old and some of the footage is from the 90’s. Be on the lookout for a slamming reissue I just did with Ubiquity from an artist outta Miami called Betty Padgett. The 12in disco single is entitled “Sugar daddy” and it smokes! Produced by Milton Wright so you know it’s banging. Give me your address and I will mail you a copy of the single when I get em’.
    Peace. Sureshotta

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