The Pac-Keys – Stone Fox

The Pac-Keys – Stone Fox from the Hollywood Records 45

Here’s a little Friday goodness for you, which will hopefully hold you over until Monday’s post. Things have been pretty busy over here at Flea Market Funk at the moment, but I couldn’t let you guys start the weekend without a little bit of Rare Grooves. I got this record from the Asbury Lanes swap, and I pushed it right to the top of the queue. It is a double sider, and this post I’m going to focus on “Stone Fox’ by the Pac-keys on Hollywood Records.

Once again this is a side that one can not turn too much up on. It may be from Texas, but I can’t be 100% sure. The Hollywood Record label itself was responsible for records from around 1953 to 1968. They would put out sides from many artists such as Errol Garner, Damita Jo, Baby Face Willete, Lowell Fulsom, and more. From what I can tell the label put out Jazz, Soul, and Gospel records. While there were a few artists and or bands releasing multiple sides, it seems that there were a lot of one offs, and it looks that the rest of this discography definitely has some interesting sides, which I am going to keep my eyes out for.

The side itself starts out with a really nice drum break, then rolls along nicely with piano, organ and a saxophone for the remainder. It’s not something you’re going to throw on and get them killing the dance floor like an upbeat Soul shaker, but on the real, it’s a great record. I’ve not seen this one in the field and although it has turned up on a few play lists, and one review (from the guy I bought it from), I’d highly recommend this record, not only because “Stone Fox” is killer, but the flip side of “Dig in” is equally as good. Two for one on this 45, and you won’t be disappointed. If anyone out there has more info on the label or the record itself, please feel free to contact me. Have a great weekend and Keep Diggin’!

8 responses to “The Pac-Keys – Stone Fox

  1. Pres
    I’m pretty sure the Pac-Keys are another incarnation of the Memphis-based Packers. The ‘C. Aston’ in the credits is actually Clarence ‘Packy’ Axton, sax player of the Mar-keys and son of Stax records co-owner Estelle Axton. ‘J. Keyes’ is Johnny Keyes. They recorded as the Packers, Pac-Keys, Martinis and a couple of other names. They did have a connection with LA, as ‘Hole In The Wall’ was recorded there with Leon Haywood, Earl Grant and all of Booker T & the MGs except for Duck Dunn.

  2. aah the rob bowman book i’m still in the middle of? ha ha. yeah i found out a bit about johnny keyes, but honestly really not enough. i will see what els ei can dig up. thanks larry.

  3. The drum break followed by the piano followed by the SAX. Absolutely dope. I’m gonna smoke this. Thanks for another rare gem.

  4. this came out in the UK as well, think it was on Speciality. And I’ve also heard it’s the Packers.

  5. This record did indeed come out on Speciality (SPE 1003), a subsidiary of the UK Ember label. Along with Packy Axton (Charles, not Clarence) on tenor sax and Johnny Keyes on percussion are members of The Bar-Kays. The record was cut at Hi Studio in Memphis. As noted above, both sides are pretty darned neat.

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