Spring Digging My Ass

The JJB and Devil Dick get their coffee and digging on in the 30 degree Spring weather.

A peek into the Old Man’s back seat, including the stool Stinkie Steve had a 10 minute arguement with. Classic!

So with the rain out last weekend, and the few before, I decided to hit The Spot this morning. With snow, yes I said snow in the forecast, I arranged to meet Jack the Ripper, Devil Dick and the JJB for some Saturday digs. I arrived first at sun up, and to my surprise, there were only about 4 people set up. No, Old Man, no Stinkie Steve, just Eggbeard lurking around like a guy who graduated high school waiting to pick up his girlfriend who’s a junior. He has a great routine: mill around, look into people’s cars for vinyl, and try to get there first. I watched as a regular record vendor, who is a great guy, but sells stuff I’m not interested in (picture sleeves, Doo Wop and the like) pulled in. Eggbeard was first to lead the charge, his minions in tow, and what do my surprise do I see him holding? A 45 box. See the impact our digging group has? Now all of a sudden he’s interested in 45’s, not just 78’s and Jazz Lps. He can have the Johnny Cash 45’s, that means there is plenty of untapped Funk and Soul for me. Now if the Old Man isn’t here early, he is either sick, or something is wrong. Record business is his life, and if he doesn’t show, it’s a problem. I breathed a sigh of relief and he eventually appeared. His stack was a bit small, but I managed to salvage a few goodies during the freezing rain and snow flurries. That was pretty much it for vinyl. We all were getting into our cars to go grab some coffee when the Old Man came running back. He had a guy who was just about to set up. Now I met this cat before, nice guy, but I didn’t know he had records. It turned out great for all of us, and after a leisurely walk around the barren, cold market, we took off.

Today was weird. It was nice to hang with my people, but the characters that were present today were weirder than usual. I was listening on my portable, and this guy is asking me if I have records for sale. “Sealed Records!”, he yelled. When I said no, he walked away talking to himself like Rainman. I mean really, there was no one else around and he held a full conversation. Then there is this other dude, I have nicknamed him Killer. Not only does he look like a psycho killer, but he reminds me of the buzzard in the Bugs Bunny cartoons. Nope, Nope, Nope, don’t think I can do it. He tells these tall tales of having all these great records, and when you get there, he has a bunch of Mantovanni terds. Typical. The most curious guy of the day, was a man selling junk, but specializing in rolling pins. He must have had 30 of them, and his display technique was impeccable. He put them in wine racks. How many rolling pins do you need? Why would you display them on wine racks? This, we will never know. I also scored some great coffee from the JJB. She knows I am a coffee snob and fanatic, and hooked me with some Stump Town Coffee out of Portland. It was a good look, and get your hands on it if you can. Here’s the list of today’s scores, as small as they were:


James Brown – Cold Sweat/ King
Linda Perry & the Soul Express Eddie Billups – I Need Someone/ Mainstream
Fantastic Four – As Long As I Live/ Ric Tic
Harold Burrage – Got To Find A Way/ M.Pac!
Maceo & the MAcks – Paarty/ People
The Voltage Brothers – Throw Down/ Lifesong
The 5th Dimension – California Soul/ Soul City
Sherlock Holmes Investigation – The Pot’s Hot!/ CRS


Johnny Guitar Watson – A Real Mother For Ya/ DJM
Another Bad Creation – Playground/ Motown
Rolling Stones – High Tide and Green Grass/ London
Rolling Stones – Their Satanic Majesties Request/ London
Parliament – Motor Booty Affair – Casablanca (Complete with Cardboard Cut Outs!)
Funkadelic – Cosmic Slop/ Westbound

Keep Diggin’!

10 responses to “Spring Digging My Ass

  1. You failed to tell your pyrex tale of woe!


    great read as always my brother and always a treat to meet up and shoot the breeze with you and the ripper!

  2. I love love love the cover of Real Mother For Ya. The look on his face, the scene, everything.

    Man, how you find those 45s is almost beyond me.

    Side note: ever get into any Billy Wooten / Nineteenth Whole? (forgive me if you’ve already discussed)

  3. The Sherlock Holmes 45 is fun-kay Todd. I knew it before I even dropped the needle. The Real Mother For Ya record is something I’ve been looking for, the cover is straight up flyer material.

    I haven’t got into any Billy Wooten, what’s up with that? I definitely haven’t discussed.

    JJB and DD: always a pleasure, and the Pyrex (or knock off) works like a charm. If I only needed a rolling pin.

  4. Great post, I always look forward to your Sunday morning tales. The characters you meet sound like the cast from One Flew Over The Cukoo’s Nest!!!
    Cheers Tony.

  5. Ohh if you haven’t heard any Wooten / Nineteenth Whole, I’ll send you some tracks. Billy played on a couple Grant Green records and also had a dynamite group with Emmanuel Riggins on organ and Harold Cardwell on drums.

    I’ll email you a couple choice tracks later this morning.

  6. Stumptown represent! I’m from Portland and that’s one of the few mandatory destinations when I head home to visit. That and some select digging spots. Looking forward to the record fair in a few . . . Peace, Allen

  7. Someone told me you had a photo up of Stinky Steve’s stool and I was like “ohmygod, no he didn’t …not again”.

    “lurking around like a guy who graduated high school waiting to pick up his girlfriend who’s a junior” HAHA.

  8. Yo Pres…I was interested to see that you found an LP copy of Motor Booty Affair…I bought a vinyl copy too back in the nineties and it had all of the cardboard cutout characters inside of it. Crazy little pimped out figures from the Mothership; Starchild and the whole family…the most hilarious find was that in addition to the cardboard standups my copy had this X-rated 45 inside, which was an audio track on the fine art of a blowjob…Sir Nose would be proud…

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