Whiteman In Hammersmith Palais

Mick Jones and the DJ with big smiles. Clampdown!

When I heard that Mick Jones from the Clash’s new project, Carbon/Silicon, was playing a short notice gig at the Lanes, there was no way I couldn’t go. This is one of the Godfathers of punk rock (the Clash), an innovator in mixing genres (B.A.D.), and guy who’s pretty high up on the music scale for me personally. To see a legend like this in a small venue such as the Lanes (350 max), would be a treat. I didn’t know much about this band, but really, it’s Mick Jones, Tony James (from Generation X and Sigue Sigue Sputnik) on guitar, Leo “E-Z Kill” Williams (B.A.D.)on bass, and Dominic Greensmith on drums. How could a lineup like that really go wrong? They played for an hour or more, and they they were having a damn good time. Mick had some great banter in between songs, and looked like he aged gracefully in his merc suit, sipping Heniekens and dancing the night away. He’d talk about listening to Blind Willie McTell records as a young lad, or how he just loved America. The man is a true ambassador of music, and these guys are a prime example of what music is all about. Doing what you want to do, spreading a positive message, and having fun while you do it. The mixed crowd (older, younger, black and white) were probably hoping for a few Clash songs, although Jones would only give a few lines of the Eddy Grant written “Police on my Back” (of course redone by the Clash) during the encore, as well as Leo and him trading licks to BMW’s “Stir It Up”. All in all, a great night of music by a true gentleman and legend. I know this post is a bit out of character for FMF, but you have to broaden your horizons and listen to it all, and I do. I’ll see you tomorrow with the last themed post of the week, which would be Jazz guitarists getting funky. Keep Diggin’!

PS: Here’s a photo from the Clash’s 3 Night Stand in Asbury Park in 1982!

5 responses to “Whiteman In Hammersmith Palais

  1. Hey there
    great post, very jealous you got to see ol Mick and his current mob. I’m currently reading Redemption Song a great bio of Joe Strummer -= reccommend it. Was lucky enough to see Joe and The Mescaleros when they played down here in NZ in early 2000. Great blog too! Enjoy reading about your finds.. cheers…

  2. That’s very sweet bro!

    You would think that brother Mick may try to fix his fangs…yikes!

  3. not sure, but it’s one of the only images i could find of these guys from their stand at convention hall in asbury park. sweet image.

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