Iron Leg: A Dedication

4 Generations of my family: Grandpop, Pop Pop, My Father, Myself circa 1973

Now I know for the most part I keep this blog on the serious side of Funk, Soul, Jazz, and Reggae, with the occasional tongue in cheek digging humor. This week was a tough one here at Flea Market Funk, as I lost my grandfather at the age of 88. He was a man who lived a hard life: he lived through the Depression, supported both his parents even as an adult, raised a family as a Bayman (crabber, clammer, lobsterman, fisherman), and taught me a lot about life, music, and what it meant to be a man. Later on in life he’d battle Alzheimer’s, and while he couldn’t remember the present, he could always tell me about his past. I’m gonna reflect today on my Pop Pop, who truly was the Iron Leg of the family. His love of music (At one time he passed on a Jr. Walker record to me), his passion for the water, and devotion to his family will always remain firmly planted in the many memories I have of the man. “There is no young, there is no old: reach out and touch the Soul.”

Please enjoy Mickey and the Soul Generation with “Iron Leg” on Maxwell Records.

Keep Diggin’!

19 responses to “Iron Leg: A Dedication

  1. Just another fan of your blog and your weekly updates at “the spot”. I do want to offer condolences for your loss. It’s always tough too lose someone close.

  2. thanks for the condolences people, i definitely appreciate it. took the day off from work to gather myself, listen to some music, and prepare for some closure. thanks again-

  3. I check you blog regularly and really digg it. You seem quite humble, that’s good…My condolences.

  4. Sorry to hear your sad news. Grandfather’s teach us so much.He obviously had all his priorities right and by what you say was pretty cool too.
    Best wishes,

  5. dear friend- Although i don’t know you personally i feel as though i do. I’ve been checking out your blog for at least the past year to 18 months.

    I recently loss my father to cancer in mid-february. I currently live in north carolina and the first week of november 2007 i got the call from my sister that told me that dad was in the hospital for what was going to be the last time. The doctor told us that at this point he might have anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks but he didn’t expect him to live live any longer than a month. Not being one to listen to anyone but himself , my father proved them wrong and hung on for another 4 months. Not only did he hang on, but he did so with the best quality of life that a man in his condition could have possibly had.

    During those 4 months you were there with me. I was in pennsylvania, while my life, my fiance, my job, and my dogs all still in North Carolina took a back seat to me caring for my father as he prepared to pass over to the other side. You provided me with the audio escape i needed. Bringing the funk ( along with funky16corners) and for 3 or 4 minutes at a time allowing me a moment to escape from the reality of what i was dealing with.

    I may never, ever meet you in person, and i’m usually not one to post comments ect. This in fact might be the one and only time you ever hear from me. I look to you sort of as a student might look to a teacher and i don’t generally feel as though i have anything to add. And although i probably can’t say anything that will allieviate the hurt that comes when you lose someone that close, i just wanted to say thank you. thank you for what you were able to do for me to help me though my difficult time.
    We often go thru life wondering if anything we say or do really makes a difference. I wanted to let you know that you have made a difference to me. I can’t neccisarily quantify it, label it, or use words to describe it. But you friend, have made a difference.

    Lucky for me i was able to leave no stone unturned with my father. Anything i wanted to ask, i asked. Anything i wanted to say, I said. Hopefully you had the same opportunity with your grandfather. It sounds as though you two had a good relationship. And even if you weren’t able to vocalize those feelings to your grandfather directly, your actions sometimes speak more volumes than words. It often seems that the one thing that our elders lack is someone to listen to them .

    And unfortunatley i think that alot of the problems with our generation comes from a lack of ability to listen. Those of us with an ear for music, especially with our tastes, seem to have a knack for listening. And for some……. listening is love.
    I don’t know you, i don’t know your grandfather………. but i think he’d be very happy woth the man you are.
    And if there truly is a heaven…… then Satch, Miles, Coltrane, Ella, james brown, and all the other greats are having the most incredible sessions every night and eventually we’ll all have a front row seat………. where the sound man has incredible ears, the chicks standing next to me aren’t running at the mouth………. the sound is perfect, everyone is in tune, . and pop-pop- is there tapping his foot and enjoying every song he ever wanted to hear.

    i don’t know you…. but i love you man! Thank you for everything you never knew you did. I only wish i could return the favor. If you ever make it to north carolina, you’ve got room and board with me………. and real soon, when i move back to PA i’d love to meet you in funky philly for a lefty, a few beers at Monks Cafe, Maybe a little digging, But mostly just for the honor to be able to thank you in person. Thanks= Uncleworm

  6. just listening to connie price and the keystones…and you know? something pulled me right over to fmf. this site is like your favorite pub, diner, chill spot…you just know you can always ‘hang’ there.

    it sounds like your grandfather is kicking it’ with the big man upstairs, pres – very sorry to hear about his passing. as george clinton said, “funk can not only move, it can remove, dig?” – take care of yourself, and remember, the soul is alive and well…

  7. he was a no bullshit guy, my dad’s folks passed away and left him with 5 younger brothers and sisters to look after, then his wife died and he was left with three of his own kids including me, how people like that just get on with it is beyond me, you were lucky to have known him. R.I.P.
    Thanks for all this music btw, i should be studing for my finals but since i found your site and its affiliates i am totally lost in the music! Praise the fucking lord! And praise you too while you are down there.

    Peace, my funky friend.

  8. i have to say that i’m really, really comforted by the the messages i’ve received from all of you. some i know personally, but the majority i don’t, and it’s kind of restored my faith in people. i really appreciate the kind words, and through the series of ups and downs i encounter on the daily with this situation, i feel really great when i see these kinds of comments. thank you all.


  9. You have mine and Leslie’s sympathies as well… Keep your head up and as always, keep diggin’. I know your grandfather would settle for nothing less…

    Peace and blessings.

  10. my heartfelt sympathies ff to you and your family. lost my grandpop in 73′ when i was 10, one of my all-time favorite people. sounds like your grandfather was the same kind of man.

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