The Sister and Brothers – Yeah, You Right

An alleged Cold Gritz & Black Eyed Peas connection in New Orleans

The Sister and Brothers – Yeah, You Right from the UNI Records 45

This record was a little piece I got off of Psyche Dave in a great set sale this past week. I dropped the needle on this thing, and didn’t even have to listen to more than 10 seconds of it and knew it was hot. There is not too much out there about this 45, other than a few clues which are on the label. It was recorded in Baton Rouge, Louisiana at Deep South Recording Studios. It’s produced by Ron Shaab & Cold Gritz. Now Ron Shaab has been involved with other records, Earnest Jackson’s “Hogwash” on Stone Records (which is a great little 7″ if you can get your hands on it), and a few of the Product Placement records used by DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist. These records, Fried Chicken’s “Funky DJ” from 1976, and another one of Earnest Jackson’s “Funky Black Man” from 1974 (again on the Stone label), are both excellent and always fetch higher prices due to the PP connection. They’re great sides and if you haven’t heard either one, please seek them both out. Here’s another curious connection: Cold Gritz. Cold Grits put out a scorcher, the cover of the Isley Brothers “It’s Your Thing” on ATCO in 1969. Allegedly, it would be Cold Gritz (who shared some members with Cold Grits) that would be the backing band on “Yeah, You Right”. Along with super drummer Ronald “Tubby” Zeigler, the band consisted of Jimmy O’Rourke on guitar, Billy Carter on keyboards, and Harold Cowart on bass. The sister on the track was Geraldine Richards (aka Sister Geri), who handled the vocals. The players would get in with Jerry Wrexler over at Atlantic and eventually make their way to Miami, Florida as studio and backing musicians. Ziegler went on to play with Stephen Stills, The Bee Gees, and a bunch of Country acts. They would also contribute to many TK (Henry Stone’s Label) releases under the various TK affiliated labels. The band itself, Sister and Brothers, released a few more singles, most notably “Ack-A-Fool” on the Calla Label which I’ve included in previous FMF Podcasts, and “The Jed Clampett Parts 1+2 ” on the Lucky Label and UNI again. So with that being said, this is one of those records I haven’t come across before, with a mysterious and sorted past. There is some alleged connection of Cold Gritz and a band called The Black Eyed Peas, which may or may not have had Sister Geri in it. If someone can clarify that for me, or has any other information on any of these bands, I’d be grateful. That photo is included below the label scan.

Starting out with some nasty keyboard playing, and continuing with some heavy guitar and back beat, the Sister and Brothers, being seasoned studio vets, really knew how to lay down some heavy stuff. Sister Geri is preaching on this track people. This band was determined to be noticed, and well, if it only took some 38 years to get the message out, then so be it. It’s most definitely a great combination of heavy Funk with some Rock guitar. Throw in those keys and you’ve got a Deep Funk digger’s dream (at least for me it is). I’m certain that this record will make it on the next FMF Podcast, which will be up shortly. I will see you Friday with some more goodness, and let’s not forget the next installment of the Asbury Park 45 Sessions that very night, May 23rd.

Keep Diggin’!

PS: Imagine my surprise that FMF got a link (randomly generated no less), from my wife’s favorite time wasting site: I Has A Hot Dog. It was a link to the AP 45 Sessions Recap. Thanks who ever made that ridiculous magic happen. Here’s the screen capture:

10 responses to “The Sister and Brothers – Yeah, You Right

  1. Great record man. I had it set aside for blogging, but back into the box it goes…
    Where’d you find that picture?

    PS E-mail I send to you is bouncing back. Any guest sets on Friday???

  2. i found the pic doing a cold gritz search. i couldn’t find the sister and brothers pic, but i figured this mix of two groups was a rare find. i cleaned my inbox out, so hit me back up. no guest this time, just the crew. bring a few more records.

  3. Nice record – thanks!

    I don’t know if this is the band involving Sister Geri, but there’s a Black Eyed Peas with a 1970 record on Ultra-City, a Michigan label. I haven’t heard it, but I gather it’s northern soul. The label says it’s a Choker Campbell Prod., produced by Willie “Face” Smith. Song is “Smallest Man Alive”, writing credits to “Corinthian Kripp Johnson”.


  4. I knew the band well (Brothers and Sisters) and saw them play several times. . The actual musicians were Guy Bradley-keyboards, Alonzo “Pato” Johnson – bass, Eddie Harris – guitar, and Herman “Rat” Johnson” drums.

  5. That pic is Cold Gritz & The Black-Eyed Peas. I can tell you pretty much anything you want to know about Cold Grits, their origins, as well as Cold Gritz & The Black-Eyed Peas. We cover their histories extensively in a documentary I’ve directed called Bayou Country (named for the only single released by CGBP).

  6. this is cold grits and the black eyed peas, the group was comprised of luther kent/lead singer, ron “tubby” zeigler/drums, jimmy o’rouke/rhythm guitar, duke bardwell/lead guitar, harold cowart/bass guitar, carrie mae backup and the other girls name none of the guys can remember, if i can find anymore info i will try and get it to you. i love this is of some interest to you.

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  8. did the cold grits “it’s your thing” only come in a promo pressings?

  9. I’m an old Miami recording friend of Tubby. Does anyone know hie whereabouts? If so PLEASE give him my email and tell him Joey M & Larry O are trying to reach him. Thank you!

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