05.23.08 Asbury Park 45 Sessions Recap

The sessions sneak up so quick even though they are bi monthly. This session fell upon a holiday, which is normally a dead night at the Lanes. However, we were all pleasantly surprised that the crowd consistently showed like they normally do. There were older couples dancing, young faux hawked guys wearing sunglasses at night doing some interpretive dance, a request for “No Parking on the Dancefloor” (seriously?), and lots of Summer Shandies drank. Don’t knock the 70 year old Scottish Grandma drink, we have Leinenkugel’s, and they’re not too shabby. The crew was slimmed down a bit this time, but it gave everyone the room to flex a bit and play some more records. We all played a great mix of Deep Funk, Soul, Reggae, and M.Fasis was even dropping a few Classic Rock nuggets. Good times we had by all, if you missed it, you have another chance to catch it in July. Here’s some photos along with my set list, other set lists as they come in.

DJ Prestige Set List
Intro: – Al Downing – The Whole World’s Gone Funky/ Chess
C.C.S. – Whole Lotta Love/ Rak
Simtec & Willie – Do It Like Mama/ Shama
James Brown – Soul Pride Part 1/ King
Eddie Senay – Hot Thang (Instrumental)/ Sussex
Paul Humphrey – Funky L.A./ Lizard
Brother Jack McDuff – Hot Barbecue/ Prestige
The Ska Kings – Jamaica Ska/ Atlantic
Carlton Moore – Soul Jamaica/ Tobin
The Unemployed – Funky Rooster/ Cotillion
Lil’ Lavar & the Fabulous Jades – Cold Heat/ Now-Again
Barbara & the Uniques – I’ll Never Let You Go/ Arden
3 Stars – Jersey Slide/ Stang
The Sister and Brothers – Yeah, You Right/ UNI
Oscar Weathers – The Spoiler/ Top and Bottom
The 5th Dimension – Feelin’ Alright?/ Bell
Counts – Funk/ Aware
El Michels Affair – C.R.E.A.M./ Truth and Soul
Kellee Patterson – I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little Bit More, Baby/ Shady Brook
Jesse Gresham Plus 3 – Shootin’ the Grease/ Head
Breakestra – Baby Don’t Cry/ Stones Throw
Brother Lloyd’s All Stars – Tramp/ Dynamite Soul
Dirty Fingered B-Boys – The King Is Here/ Sure Shot
The Mad Men – Do The African Twist/ Gamble
Mickey and His Mice – Cracker Jack/ Marti
Nina Simone – O-O-h Child/ RCA

Larry Grogan Set List
Roger & the Gypsies – Pass the Hatchet Pt1 (Seven B)
Eddie Bo & Inez Cheatham – Lover and a Friend (Capitol)
James Brown – Talking Loud and Saying Nothing (“rock version”) (King)
Roosevelt Grier – Slow Drag (MGM)
Dee Felice Trio – There Was a Time (King)
Rufus Thomas – Do the Funky Penguin Pt1 (Stax)
Jimmy Smith – The Cat (Verve)
Georgie Fame – El Bandido (Imperial)
Backyard Heavies – Expo 83 (Scepter)
Cymande – Fug (Janus)
Boogaloo Joe Jones – Right On (Prestige)
Gloria Walker – Them Changes (Federal)
King Curtis – Changes Pt1 (Atco)
Bill Doggett – Honky Tonk Popcorn (King)
Johnny Griffith – Do It (Triple B)
Bill Cosby – I Luv Myself Better Than I Luv Myself (Capitol)
Joe Hicks – Home Sweet Home Pt2 (Scepter)
The Flamingos – Boogaloo Party (Philips)
Chuck Edwards – Downtown Soulville (Punch)
Billy Wade and the 3rd Degrees – Tear It Up Pt1 (ABC)
Lou Courtney – Hot Butter n’ All Pt1 (Hurdy Gurdy)
Jimmy McGriff – The Worm (SS)
Village Callers – Hector (Rampart)
Melvin Sparks – Thank You Pt1 (Prestige)
Freddie McCoy – Funk Drops (Prestige)
Rusty Bryant – Soul Liberation Pt1 (Prestige)
Wynder K Frog – Jumping Jack Flash (UA)
Ross Carnegie – The Kid (El Con)
Earl Van Dyke – Soul Stomp (Soul)
Soul Brothers Six – Some Kind of Wonderful (Atlantic)
James Brown – Funky President (People It’s Bad) (Polydor)

DJ Bluewater Set List
Soul Believers – The Popcorn – (King)
Soul Explosion – Barnyard Pimp – (Tramp)
Soul Partners – Spead – (Bell)
Organics – Foot Stumping – (Compose)
Soul Believers and The Dapps – I Don’t Want Nobody’s Problems – (King).
Charles Bradley and The Bullets – Now That Im Gone – (Daptone)
Dynamic Walter B. And The New Breed Band – Butter Toast – (Playground)
Queen Eve and The Kings – Bringin’ Home The Bacon – (Melting Pot)
Lee Fields and The Explorers – Soul Dynamite – (Soul Fire)
Sohail Rana – Soul Sitar – (Jazzman)
Breakestra – Getcho Soul Togetha Pt. 2 – (Stones Throw)
Lovations – Later Baby – (Cap City)
Dynells – Let Me Prove That I Love You – (BlueBerry)
Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings – Im Not Gonna Cry – (Daptone)
Richi Corbin Trio – A Woman Was Made For A Man – (Funk45)
Diplomats Of Solid Sound – Plenty Nasty – (Record Kicks)
Dyke and The Blazers – Black Boy – (BGP)
Grips – Fancy Roll – (GED)


DJ Prime

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  1. Yeah Leinies! I didn’t realise people actually drank it out here on the coast. I go to school in Wisconsin and I have a friend who has a scholarship from Leinenkugel’s

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