$500 Stereo in a $75 Car

Probably the best table and nicest new guy all day.

As the heat was back once again, like the Roots, I had to hit it and quit it this morning. I arrived kind of early to find a bustling market. The scouting report from yesterday was that it was lame as hell (Friday is generally record day, but I opt for Saturdays), so I wasn’t expecting too, too much. There was another Jazz record show going on Fri/Sat/Sun up North, and believe it or not, that drew some regular wackies away. The main wackie being the man with egg in his beard, or our old pal Egg Beard. I’m sure the thought of cherry 78 Jazz records for this man (geez that sounds like an E Bay handle) being handled by non professionals had him up for weeks. However, I heard the Stinkie Steve was back, fresh with a new ‘do and the same attitude. He was trying to shake this old guy down because he was selling his records too cheap. In fact, he told him to give him $5 for every ten records he tells how much their worth. I believe he also said he was in Journey for five years as well. Apparently he was trying to unload a well beat copy of an “I Who Have Nothing” 45 for huge bucks. One could only hope it was Ray Fraser and Shades of Madness, but the guy said he wasn’t sure. It could have been Tom Jones for all we know. That Stinkie is a sly one. Good times people. The Old Man’s stash is dwindling fast, but Psych Dave hooked me up with a few gems, especially the Gary Bartz Lp. I had a great conversation with an older Black gentleman who was screaming about kids today with $500 stereos in a $75 car, playing that damn Hip Hop. He didn’t discriminate, and yelled at the ladies, or “Lot Lizards”, who enjoy being called a bitch. He said if he’d ever have called his wife a bitch, he would have gotten strychnine in his drink! I don’t want to cross paths with that woman. All in all, it wasn’t as humid as last week when I was there, but the records were few and far between. I’d like to send out a big FU to the cats selling shitty records without a cover that were “all different prices”. Maybe you should stick to your NASCAR memorobilia, and realize a sealed Ratt record really is worth about $.07. That’s my rant for today. DJ Prime Cuts is up on deck on Monday on the Guest Mix Series. He’s got some tight Reggae goodness he wants to share. Stay tuned. Here’s the booty I found in the field today:

Luther Ingram – Help Me Love/ Koko
The Staple Singers – Give A Damn/ Stax
Doris Troy/ Bossa Nova Blues/ Atlantic
Tommy Hunt – Jerkin’ Around/ Forever Oldies (Reissue)
The Bar-Kays – Don’t Do That/ Volt
Super Snooper and Blabber Mouse – Monster Shindig/ HBR
Twistin’ Kings – Congo Part 1/ Motown


The Lemon Pipers – Green Tambourine/ Buddah
Gary Bartz – Music Is My Sanctuary/ Capitol
Nina Simone – Baltimore/ CTI
The Ornette Coleman Quartet – This Is Our Music/ Atlantic

Keep Diggin’!

R.I.P. Tim Russert. Sunday mornings will never be the same. Big Shoes to fill.

5 responses to “$500 Stereo in a $75 Car

  1. Glad to see someone else found a copy of that Super Snooper and Blabber 45. The copy that I found a few years back was beat to hell but led me to the same exact recording on the flipside of a Danny Hutton 45 on HBR. In fact, two different Danny Hutton 45’s have versions of “Monster Shindig”.

  2. Stinky Steve – 0
    HellBob – 1

    Dude it was my turn today to go tete-au-tete with Stinky Steve – metaphysical conflict at Psyche Daves table – got there late (930ish) and was buying Metal (loud) Metal – that you all left for the Bobster – I’m going thru boxes and pulling records out and putting a stack together and every time I put something in the stack Steve says “that’s mine” (I mean he’s 4 feet away from me and telling me what I’m pulling out of the boxes is his) **click click whirl whirl*** this goes on for a bit – until I pull a copy of dead kennedy’s too drunk to f@ck at which point he beings to pay Dave 5 bux for it (again he’s like 4-5 feet away from me – and you know how Hellbob gets when he’s agitated – well you know I told him he could go f’ himself and got into yelling match – him call Me Mike this and Mike that (as he always calls the bobster) – after the local SPOT heavy came over twice to him to quite down – He went on the single craziest rant I think I ever heard (cept on TV from Charlie Mason) how he was a Metaphysical master and would crush me “blah blah – blah blah” Man it was like being in a David Lynch movie – I had to walk away and bite my tongue – fearing I’d get shived in the liva or somethin’ and how went to the lanes last night wow that was a crazy scene – ttyl HellBob

  3. I’m afraid it was a typical day at The Spot. It’s like the Island of Misfit Toys out there…

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