Brother Jack McDuff – Hot Barbecue

Brother Jack McDuff – Hot Barbecue from the Prestige 45

Here’s a midweek treat for all of the Flea Market Funk Family. It’s a bit of a preview of what’s to come on Friday, as I am finally dropping another podcast. I still have some Guest DJ Mixes on deck (have no fear), but I figured I’d throw this side out, which is one of my favorite Latin organ sides. In fact, it’s been done a bunch of times, also by Pucho and His Latin Soul Brothers (on Milestone Records). You can read all about Brother Jack McDuff from the very first FMF post, the post that started it all, here. For now though, get those Summer vibes flowing, and settle in with the Brother as he does what he does best, smokes it on the Hammond. What’s ahead is FMF Vol. 29: Frank ‘N Beans. It’s a great selection of Summer inspired sides and artists, that you can pump at your next barbecue, gathering, or soiree. Enjoy this side, and I’ll see you Friday, Keep Diggin’!

6 responses to “Brother Jack McDuff – Hot Barbecue

  1. Great organ pumper! CLASSIC PS!! Thanks for that.
    Lookin’ forward to some Franks N’ Beans ….(pfft)

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