I May Have Seen These Records Before

Recycled records and The Old Man buying picture sleeves.

Sometimes the Spot is hit or miss, and no I’m not talking about the De La Soul sample, I’m saying it literally. Today was just one of those days. I thought I might catch up with Jack the Ripper or Silent G, but the early morning heat must’ve keep them cool in their air conditioning. I arrived a little on the early side, but nevertheless the Spot was starting to get busy with activity. I did an unusual thing today, I wore my headphones and listened to a great mix of Reggae, Danger Doom, Bowie, and various heavy Funk as I walked the aisles. I don’t usually do that, but the atmosphere around the FMF compound has been a bit tense, so I just kind of wanted to get lost in music rather than listen to people barter (which is usually worth the FREE price of admission). The Old Man didn’t have anything for me, and that’s ok. In fact, there were very few 45’s to be found other than the recycled records Big Gay Joe had. In fact, even though I didn’t buy anything from him, I stayed a while because he’s usually singing Show Tunes, but today he was pumping some sweet Hammond sounds out of his custom van. It was a tape he recorded what must have been decades ago of Toni Lynn Washington out of Boston, MA straight killing the B-3. He turned it up and did a little dance around the van, but was thwarted by some guy about 3 tables away who said he had ear problems. The guy actually put on shooting headphones to drown it out. What a bummer, because I can’t remember the last time I saw BGJ this happy. He’s always in a good mood, but the Hammond really gets him. I know the feeling. I love listening to the stories of when he used to go to Newark, NJ and watch all the Jazz greats: McGriff, Smith, Brother Jack McDuff, etc. I wish I could have experienced that. It must have been tough for him back then, a White guy in an all Black neighborhood watching these Jazz greats. Times were different then, the music was better, and racial relations were strained. At any event, Joe is a great guy, one of the better vendors, who always has a story or anecdote while you browse. Johnny No Change was hovering around, but not set up, and I saw Egg Beard bebopping behind us, but no Stinkie Steve. Apparently the Stinkster got himself into a pickle. The Caddy got impounded. There were cries from the Spot regulars for ol’ Steve to go legit, but we know that you can’t change the ways of an old dog. Looks like he might be MIA for a while. The heat grew more intense, and well, I had to get back into the Digging Moblie and hit the road. Here are some scores for the day, and unfortunately, no 45’s!

Shabba Ranks – Roots and Culture/ Digital B 12″
Peterson, Pass, and Brown – The Giants/ Pablo
Count Basie Encounters Oscar Peterson – Satch and Josh/ Pablo
Sandy Nelson – Boogaloo Beat/ Imperial
Brazilia ’67 – Mas Que Nada and Guantanamera/ Wyncote
Deodato – First Cuckoo/ MCA
Warning – S/T / Vertigo
Otis Redding – Dock of the Bay/ Volt
Eddie Kendricks – He’s A Friend/ Tamla
Quincy Jones – Bossa Nova/ Mercury
Stanley Turrentine – The Baddest Turrentine/ CTI

Keep Diggin’!

3 responses to “I May Have Seen These Records Before

  1. Hey Pres,

    Greetings from SF . . . the road trip from NYC to SF is complete with a few vinyl scores along the way (2 Pigbag 12″s in Roswell, NM!). I noticed you got Deodato’s First Cuckoo . . . have you played the track “Adam’s Hotel” yet? It’s a seldom recorded Marcos Valle (brazilian soul-pop cat) tune that is blissed-out rhodes butter. If you make it out to the best coast, look me up! – Allen

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