Roger Collins – She’s Looking Good

Download or Listen To Roger Collins – She’s Looking Good from the Galaxy 45

It seems like it was yesterday when COOP dropped his Ghetto Organ Mix as the first mix in the Guest Mix Series. I can say once again that Tony C’s 45 Tear Up! was a fine ending to the series. The music goes on however. Even though there has been a ton of 45’s, Lp’s, and 12″s used by all our guest selectors, this is still a drop in the bucket, and FMF is bringing you even more music. This midweek I bring you one of my favorite Bay Area musicians, who I was introduced to in the 1990’s. I went ape shit over his record “Foxy Girl In Oakland”. Thanks to the super diggers over at Ubiquity Records for unearthing the Bay Area classics which included that side. I searched high and low for it, and refused to buy it on E Bay ( I have since changed my mind about online auctions ), only wanting to find it in the field. I never have, unfortunately. However, I uncovered another side, which turned up in Psych Dave’s box of goodies one Saturday. Here’s that gem, “She’s Looking Good” by Roger Collins, on Galaxy Records from 1968.

Roger Collins is a Bay Area musician (San Francisco and Oakland) that, as I imagine, was a staple on the circuit like Johnny Talbot in the 60’s. Influenced by Blues, Gospel, Soul and Hillbilly music, he would go on to release a string of records of the Galaxy Label. The Galaxy label put out a variety of records by a nice cross section of artists. Their roster would of course include Collins, but notables like the Apollos, Cal Tjader, John Lee Hooker, and Little Johnny Taylor. They would also put out sides by Johnny Lewis and the Gents, Ella Jamerson, The Merced Blue Notes, and JJ Malone among others. This record was an international hit, with a version done by Wilson Pickett. Some may argue that Wilson’s version “bitch slapped” Roger’s original, but let’s be real here people: Roger Collins was and is still a baaaaad man. I am gonna ride for this side not because I don’t like the Wicked One, but because I root for the underdog. Collins is just that. He would release the party anthem of the Bay area, the aforementioned “Foxy Girl In Oakland”, which I can not say enough about, and where Collins would combine many of his musical influences. Apparently this Collins side is a little bit easier to get ahold of, and I would definitely recommend this side to any and all. I included it on the last FMF podcast Frank ‘N Beans, and it was on a past mix by Tony C. Great minds think alike, and I needed to share this side with all of you. See you Friday with another dusty piece of 45 goodness. Keep Diggin’!


17 responses to “Roger Collins – She’s Looking Good

  1. Nice one Pres, As you say this is’nt to hard to pick up, but it’s definitely one of my all time favourites.

  2. damm, pres, that is a nice cut. uptempo and funky. definitely adding that to my next mix…take it sleazy bro…

  3. Mama get ya mojoe/Papa get ya gun cuz Im a steal ya daaaaauughta!!! /and Im a be ya son!
    Love it!!

  4. Wow! Thanks for mentioning the other artists on the label. I got to play with JJ Malone a couple of times at Eli’s Mile High Club in Oakland back in the 90’s. Great to here his name mentioned. Love the crate digging adventures posts.

  5. I was the drummer with Roger Collins in 1969. Milton Hopkins was the rythm guitar player. Roger Collins taught me how to be a great musician. I’m still in touch with both of them.

  6. dear brother. i read some of the things about rodger collins tune call she looking good. i am the real drummer on the tune. this guy ron pitman i dont know that he play drums on it. i was at the studio for 7 days working with rodger collins on she looking good. the studio was in sf down in the mission area on treat st. i done the tune in 1967 and i meet ccr with john forgtey at the studio, plus i did the next tune call hands of my girl on galaxy. i been playing drums for about 50 years in sf by the bay.

  7. Rick Pittman…you’re a fraud…..Ray Shanklin will testify to that. Bruno is the real drummer on the the She’s Looking Good Sessions.

  8. Owned this 45 since 1967. Most Soul Bands in Detroit played it. We played a lot of Wilson Pickett’s tunes but this song is Roger’s.

  9. I remember goign to a Rodger Collins Concert in Concord Calif…It was one of the most electrifying Concerts I ever been to! His stage presence personality and voaclas are second to NONE!!
    No one does it like you Rodger….Been trying to get a hold of you
    email if you get this ok….

    Fred Owen (yaya’s son)

    God Bless
    Fred Owen
    Boise Idaho

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