45’s Are Scarce, Jazz Lps and Blazing Heat Are Not

With the forecast as mostly sunny and in the high 80’s, the meteorologists were finally on point. For me, this means that I need to get in and get out. I walked by many familiar faces who were already digging through various small record crates. Stinky Steve had what looked like a soft cooler that he was filling with Neil Young records, the Meatball was buying and asking about obscure reel to reel tapes, Eggbeard was just wandering around like he was lost, and assorted characters were milling around. I have a theory that all guys who smoke cigars or pipes just go early to the Spot because their wives or significant others won’t let them smoke in the house, so I have to smell some smelly turd while digging for records. I already have to smell Steve, and that is enough. He is rolling large these days, with some new wheels. It has carpeting on the dashboard, and what looked like samples of various food from the warehouse in small cups, with his utensils placed neatly around it. I can imagine the smell in that vehicle. No one else was really around except Silent G, who was digging along side of me for a while. The Old Man, and everyone else for that matter had zero 45’s. He did hook me up with a grip of Jazz Lp’s, a few that I wouldn’t normally buy, but I like to keep him happy, so I figured Jazz is Jazz is Jazz. I did however get one 45, which is a label that I never see around here, and has one of the best names ever: Bunky. The heat crept up very quickly and it was time for me to ramble on. I did, however, get a shot of the Stinkie Steve get away car as well as a piano that was outside of a motor home, propped up by a milk crate (which should have been filled with records). See you Monday with the 30th podcast from Flea Market Funk, The Summer Sweep.

With over 90 warrants, Stinkie Steve needs an ex-cop getaway car.

My home has wheels and we got a pi-ano!

The Lone 45:

The Esquires – And Get Away/ Bunky Records


Gerry Mulligan – Mulligan Plays Mulligan/ Prestige (reissue)
James Moody & George Wallington – The Beginning and the End of Bop/ Blue Note
V/A – Newport in New York ’72 The Jam Sessions Vol. 3 and 4/ Cobblestone
Johnny hodges and Wild Bill Davis – Joe’s Blues/ Verve
The Jackie McLean Quintet w/ Donald Byrd & Elmo Hope – Lights Out!/ Prestige (reissue)
V/A – Jazz For A Sunday Afternoon Live At the Village Vanguard/ Solid State
V/A – Riverside Modern Jazz Sample $1.98/ Riverside
Freddie Hubbard – Windjammer/ Columbia
Herbie Hancock – Secrets/ Columbia
The Supremes at the Copa/ Motown
Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Eveybody Loves the Sunshine/ Polydor (I couldn’t resist it for 50 cents!)

Keep Diggin’!

One response to “45’s Are Scarce, Jazz Lps and Blazing Heat Are Not

  1. Went out early this AM on a Garage Sale hunt in and around good old Upper Darby PA and pickin’s was slim…

    Just 2 LP’s: JR Walker & the All-Stars:Soul Sessions and Hendrix: Axis Bold as Love…

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