Brass Monkey – Funky Monkey

Brass Monkey – Funky Monkey from the White Label 45

Here’s a midweek piece of goodness, that I have to be completely honest about: I couldn’t dig up a thing about it at all. If you were looking for the Beastie’s version, you’d find everything under the sun about it. In fact, if you want to know how to make Brass Monkey, the drink, you’ll find that too. However, fortunately for me, and unfortunately for you, this is going to be a super short post. My life as of late has been a complete whirlwind of craziness (those who know me personally can vouch for this), and real world moves have to be made on the daily, which has left me little time tonight. I wish I could have dug up a bunch of info about this record up, but I had no luck. This doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great side. I bought it at one of the Asbury Lanes Vinyl shows, and as soon as the needle hit the groove, I knew it was a keeper. Brass Monkey and “Funky Monkey” bring me back to the days when living was easy, you could probably still drink a can of Budweiser while you were driving, and you got laid to War’s “Lowrider” in the back seat of your car. It’s a great double sider, but I always choose the instrumental side (force of habit) with a sweet little chorus that’s just a bonus. It’s driving bass line, smooth back beat, and guitar riff make it another head nodder. Let’s not forget the piano and horn section that round the whole side out. All in all, this is a great side. If anyone has any info about this side, hit me up, I’d love to share it with the FMF family for sure. See you Friday with another slice of dusty heaven. Keep Diggin’!

5 responses to “Brass Monkey – Funky Monkey

  1. Great tune. Years ago I was contacted by a guy who was obsessed with this record. It was his favorite and it was driving him nuts that he couldn’t find anything out about the group. I wasn’t much help.

  2. Pres, i have an album by “brass monkey” from the early 70’s on the rare earth label. I’m not sure if this is the same band or not? The album is certainly “funky” with a little “rock” edge thrown in…

    I’m gonna have to dig it up when i get home and compare closer…

  3. The drummer busts some Bernard Purdie style fills. Not sure if that helps, but who knows.

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